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  1. Knarbens

    Drinkwater Guitars headless 8 string build thread!

    Did Tom glue some maple in the cavity? To support the buckeye top?
  2. Knarbens

    Headless tuners - Are any of them easy to turn yet?

    From my experience ETS headless bridges are the stiffest. ABM works better as far as smoothness goes, but I found the Hipshot headless bridge to be the smoothest. They are a bit lubricated if I'm not mistaken. Also it's the most comfortable bridge to install and to set up.
  3. Knarbens

    Vik Duality 8 string run *CLOSED RUN*

    I chatted with Vik about the soapbar routes and he told me it is intentional.
  4. Knarbens

    Abasi Concepts/Larada Megathread

    @frank falbo Have you thought about a "simplier" way of doing the neck/body oil/lacquer transition? I see how difficult it is to follow the lines of the gluejoint and I get your point why you want to do it like this. Anyway, have you thought of something like this?
  5. Knarbens

    Advice modding a multiscale guitar

    It looks like the intonation will work out right in #1 as the small recesses for the height adjustment screws go all the way up to the front hole on both bridges. The small slot is for a piezo wire, but maybe you could still use it as a string through body hole. I'd go with #1, drill the...
  6. Knarbens

    Build for a friend - #2

    Beautiful neck/body transition! Very nice guitar!
  7. Knarbens

    Neck build for RGA8

    Yeah, with the scale length, the width of the neck at the nut and the last fret you might be able to draw the shape of the neck on a piece of mdf to build a template.
  8. Knarbens

    Advice modding a multiscale guitar

    Let me correct you :) That would only be the case if the top and bottom string would run parallel. But since the neck is tapered (string spread at the bridge > string spread at the nut) the angles at the nut and the bridge are different.
  9. Knarbens

    Padalka guitars

    I'm not totally sure, but I think the Sun model he brought to the Holy Grail show isn't for sale. I've been there on saturday and the Saturn with the Saturn inlay was my favourite, but his guitar were mind blowing in general. Awesome craftsmanship! Super clean work. This guy is a genius in what...
  10. Knarbens

    New Build - Heretic Paradigm 6

    So sorry man! :/ Do you have a spiral cut flush trim bit?
  11. Knarbens

    New Build - Heretic Paradigm 6

    Dude that's a bummer! I feel you. The new blank is nice and the glue joint won't be visible on the wenge I guess.
  12. Knarbens

    Hipshot bridge not perpendicular on Shecter KM-7

    Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me, but doesn't this one look the same?:
  13. Knarbens

    Guitar/Luthier Life Hacks Thread

    I came across this video when I was about to install my first threaded inserts ever. Love the drillpress method. Works perfect.
  14. Knarbens

    palm muting on 8-string... note goes flat.

    Do you have a fixed bridge on the guitar? If so - Is it possible that one of the two screws that adjust the saddle height of the 8th string doesn't have contact to the base plate of the bridge? I'm just guessing, but that could cause the saddle to move down when palm muting?
  15. Knarbens

    Headless Guitar Bags/Cases

    @MaxOfMetal Thanks for your help! Next to the options you pointed out I now had the idea to use a 1/2 size guitar gig bag. Some of these bags have about the right size. Let's see if I can find a quality bag.
  16. Knarbens

    Headless Guitar Bags/Cases

    A customer of mine desires a quality gigbag instead of a regular guitar case and the only bag I can find is this one. With 305 mm it seems a bit narrow? I'd need around 320-330 mm width. Does anybody know a manufacturer who offers quality gigbags or even cases for headless guitars? Any help is...
  17. Knarbens

    Knightro Guitars 2017

    Check out Armin Dreier. He slots fretboards in every scale length that you desire. Aside from that he can CNC cut multiscale layouts or invisible fret slots. He charges some more for that though. If you can provide him with a propper dxf file it's cheaper.
  18. Knarbens

    Warwick Thumb style 5 string fretless bass

    I vote for natural. Light colored body wood with black hardware always looks good. Especially with a dark fingerboard.