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  1. katsumura78

    NGD Revv Quad w/ Celestions

    Looks sick! Congrats.
  2. katsumura78

    Now that BK's are $200 a pop what are people gravitating towards

    I don’t blame you man. I bought from Music Store Live. They gave me a good price so I said screw it. Hope they live up to the hype but I’ve only been disappointed by BKP once so ?
  3. katsumura78

    Now that BK's are $200 a pop what are people gravitating towards

    Ordered a set of these for a soon to be mine PRS Mushok Baritone. Wanted a Rabea baritone but am I the only one who doesn’t want that single coil in the neck? This was the cheaper route to go regardless. The ML3 Pro’s aren’t cheap and I’ve never ordered from a dealer overseas before. It’s like...
  4. katsumura78

    2022 tube supply So should we try to convince these guys to make this in the US? Or will the price be crazy?
  5. katsumura78

    EBMM Majesty Neck Gloss Finish

    So I agree with everyone to an extent about the glossy neck. I do wish my 2019 Majesty had the same satin feel as the 2017 but it’s not a deal breaker. The sound of those guitars got better with the matched majesty pickups (dream catcher/rainmaker). So grab the majesty you think looks best and...
  6. katsumura78

    Stolen JPXI 7 in Tampa Bay Area, FL

    Thanks for the support guys. It’s truly mind blowing when it happens. Yes it’s just a guitar but that’s Your guitar and the memories attached to it priceless. I’ll check that website out Gtan !
  7. katsumura78

    Stolen JPXI 7 in Tampa Bay Area, FL

    Super necro bump and I’m sorry if it’s frowned upon but if someone ever ran into this I’d love to recover it somehow. It was a beast of a guitar.
  8. katsumura78

    5150 Iconic - New Budget 5150 from EVH Gear

    Wait… does an invective count?! Lol
  9. katsumura78

    Neural: Archetype John Petrucci

    Well Misha’s toneforge plug-in got an update recently so probably not an archetype for him. Rabea would be a cool one, Aaron Marshall maybe? At this point they’ve covered a lot of ground with modern high gain so I hope it’s actually something worth while.
  10. katsumura78

    Neural DSP teasing something new (Quad Cortex)

    If you check his Instagram he’s got the rig posted there. There’s a microcosm on the board and a couple other fun pedals. I think the digitech freakout?
  11. katsumura78

    Black Friday pedals

    That’s great lol I did the same thing. I was hoping for a blacked out timeline I think the current color looks boring.
  12. katsumura78

    Jared Dines + Howard Jones (Ex-KSE) Collab Album Project ~ Friday

    I should’ve used a different word but there’s clearly some strong opinions being thrown out about Jared. And I agree we don’t have to like everything lol, but do we need to flex our egos in a thread about a new side project? I’m not saying you’re doing that but a few have.
  13. katsumura78

    Jared Dines + Howard Jones (Ex-KSE) Collab Album Project ~ Friday

    Lots of “hate” on this album but it’s way better than the light the torch stuff. It’ll never be killswitch but it’s not bad. It’s closer to the modern metalcore coming out over the last few years and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I’m actually liking what I’m hearing here but I never followed...
  14. katsumura78

    Unexpected NAD: Third times the charm!

    Congrats man. Played a 2 channel triple at a gc one time and left sad because I couldn’t afford it at the time. I think it was 900 bucks? This was 2008/09? Sounded really damn good with no boost. Hope I can find a good one next year.
  15. katsumura78

    Revv G8 Noise Gate

    I’m actually in the market so I might grab one. The Mark IV is a little noisy and I love how good the gate is in the 120. Having a better version of that sounds like a win. And they managed to make it look pretty dang cool.
  16. katsumura78

    Petrucci 8 String Possibility? IT DOES EXIST!

    So jealous lol. Mystic Dream is top 10 finishes on any guitar imo. These things I’m guessing are officially sold out now? Noticed MM posted a few dealers last week with preorders but now those links are gone. Kinetic Blue 8 next? Please?
  17. katsumura78

    Nolly signature "Polymath" BKPs

    Ordered a covered set, 425 shipped. 6-8 week wait. Yes the price is bordering on silly but I want to hear these in my PRS. Nolly has been killing it in the tone department for years so it is what it is. Most BKP’s I’ve tried have been great (hated the Ragnarok neck pickup) so I’m sure these will...
  18. katsumura78

    A New Uberschall (MkII) is coming

    Any eta on this or any other details about it? Someone’s gotta have a clip of it.
  19. katsumura78


    That FM3-MC6 temple board up there looks sick! I’m contemplating selling off pedals and just running a FM9 with my amps. Someone give me some advice I feel like I’ve done this 3 times now. Went from Mark IV for 2 years to Axe II for 7. Then sold the II for some tube amps and pedals. Sold the...
  20. katsumura78

    Has anyone ever actually found THEIR tone??

    Preach….says the guy with 3 tube amps in his bedroom lol looking for a recto to uhhh round out the collection ?