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    Mortal Skin minus vox

    Listening as I write this. Really impressed by the third riff you put in there! Awesome stuff! Over all mix sounds somewhat thin (needs more bass in there) on my current headphones, and snare is a bit obscured. I'm guessing the guitar tone is causing the later, or it may be just a matter of...

    Drop F# on a 22.2" guitar

    Cool stuff! I'm thinking of doing the same with a 6string I have. :)

    Looking for vocals for my new project

    Thank you @LostTheTone for the amazing effort! To be brutally honest, I think your approach kind of fits the song, but it wasn't really what I was looking for. I agree the lack of vocal processing makes it difficult to see to the full song picture, without having the vocals fit in the song mix...

    Looking for vocals for my new project

    No problem about the lyrics! They're important, of course, but I'm more interested in the vocal performance than the lyrics. :) Cheers and thanks for giving it a try!:shred:

    Looking for vocals for my new project

    Hey! Thanks! When I wrote this song I was thinking low gutural vocals would fit (somewhat similar to whitechapel for instance), but I'm open minded about that. If you want to put clean vocals all the way, just do it! :)

    Looking for vocals for my new project

    Thanks for your message and for listening to the song! I think you made a good point about having the stems on bandcamp, but I want to have all tracks in the same place... imho it's tidier. That being said, I marked the stems as bonus tracks, so they're not that visible. ;) Cheers!

    Looking for vocals for my new project

    Hi! I've started a new project called artogeia, on which I'm planing to post a new song on a monthly basis. The idea is to post the song's instrumental version and then try to have one or multiple versions of that same song with vocals. With this in mind, I'd like to invite everyone to record...

    Does anyone bother about new artists?

    Thanks for the debate guys! Lots of good food for thought here! The mySpace era was indeed the best internet era for musicians. Nowadays there's too much "noise", as some of you say, and I agree! The thing is social media is becoming more and more saturating too. I mean, I hate all the spam and...

    Does anyone bother about new artists?

    Just a rant and thought that I'm having lately... Being an artist has always been really hard, but nowadays no one seems to bother listening to new artists with absolutely no background. It seams almost impossible to break through. I know it should be done "just for the fun of doing it", but is...
  10. HANIAK

    Acceptable EP length?

    Best advice ever. (And I'm not being sarcastic.) It has become almost impossible to make anyone even listen to more than 5 seconds of a song, bare a whole EP or album.
  11. HANIAK

    Octopod - «Liberation Of Energy» (FFO Static-x, White Zombie, etc.)

    Hey, We just released our first EP from our project called Octopod. Musically, it's pretty munch influenced by the Wayne Static legacy, but yeah... we weren't trying to reinvent the wheel there. Please have a listen here and please let us know what you think...
  12. HANIAK

    World's Greatest Drummer?

    Currently, and in my very humble opinion, Eloy Casagrande. What a beast!
  13. HANIAK

    Solar Guitars by Ola Englund

    The fretboard logo kicks ass, imho. Really can't make my mind between the S2.6W and the A1.6BDA... So classy and inspiring guitars...!! :)
  14. HANIAK

    Perfect Drums Template for Reaper

    Yeap, it's fairly simple: When you open PD in Reaper it asks you to map 32 tracks (not sure if it's actually that much tracks; Most of the times I choose "No"). If you choose "No" you'll have one stereo track that maps directly to all the pieces in the kit. Then, if you're like me and you're...
  15. HANIAK

    2019 - What are you proud of as a musician?

    2019 - back to writing good riffs and good songs. Ended up working on two records (of my self), and releasing none :| Hope 2020 will be a better year, musically...
  16. HANIAK

    Perfect Drums Template for Reaper

    I use PD too. Like it better than any other drum software out there. What do you need to know?
  17. HANIAK

    Necrophagist Recorded Epitaph Note for Note

    Though I absolutely love Necrophagist's albums and all the impact they made on the genre, I must say nowadays I find perfection (or perfect takes) quite boring... Music edited to its guts is, most of the times, uninteresting imho...
  18. HANIAK

    The HAARP Machine is Back...

    This is sad and hilarious at the same time. So much potential wasted...