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  1. UltraParanoia

    New Band Logo

    Hey guys, My band The Murdering are after a new logo. So far we've been pretty successfully using the below image. It's been used on our 1st 3 EPs & the blood splattered font has been used on our merch. But we like change so it's time for something new Thought I'd see if there are any...
  2. UltraParanoia


    So, I saw Interstellar last night, opening night. Australia had it a day early, November 6th. I don't think I have ever seen a movie like it before, it really was amazing. The synopsis & trailers give almost nothing away. In Nolan tradition most of the 2nd act & definitely all of the 3rd were a...
  3. UltraParanoia

    Metallica To Release Remastered of 'Kill 'Em All' And 'Ride The Lightning

    Of course, these 2 albums are complete classics. They have stood the test of time & still influence bands, especially RTL. I love the original mixes of both, but I'm still keen to check these out.
  4. UltraParanoia

    Devildriver Parts Ways With John Boecklin & Jeff Kendrick

    Bummer. I was only thinking a few days ago while listening to Winter Kills how underrated of a drummer John is. I would imagine that Jeff is a main songwriter of sorts, that'll hurt
  5. UltraParanoia

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I thought it was probably time there was an official thread for this, because after last nights announcement its only going to get bigger & bigger. With Captain America 3 (Civil War) coming out around Batman Vs Superman, I think Marvel have sealed DC Comic's fate This would also make complete...
  6. UltraParanoia

    Networking my house wirelessly

    I'll explain this as best as I can without it sounding, confusing or both :lol: I want to able to play music, movies & TV that is on my hard drive which is plugged into my computer on my TV. I can do that now by moving my hard drive or flash drive to the TV & plugging it in via the USB, but...
  7. UltraParanoia

    New Agile Models

    Well, they might not be brand new. Maybe they've existed before & they've brought them back. All I know is that they weren't on the site yesterday & are now Agile Septor Elite 727 EB EMG White - Hipshot goodness Agile Intrepid Pro 728 EB DNC Charcoal Agile Septor Elite 728 EB EMG Charcoal
  8. UltraParanoia

    Soundwave Festival - Australia 2015

    So the line up for the 2015 & now 2 day festival has just been announced... Machine Head are on 1 of the 2 days as well As always, it's a good collection of all things Metal, Punk & Alt. $180 for a 2 day ticket I havent gone in a few years because I'm a little past the point of enjoying...
  9. UltraParanoia

    Agile as a workhorse/covers band guitar

    Hey all, I'm after a cheap but reliable guitar, something of a knock-about figuratively speaking. I'll be using it for a covers band that spans a wide range of music. The classics from 70s to today blah blah blah I've always kept an eye on Agile & have read mixed reviews, opinions probably...
  10. UltraParanoia

    The ultimate 'all-rounder' pickup combo

    Hey guys, Looking at buying a tele with a HH setup, maple neck. I'm looking form the impossible, a complete all rounder pick up set. Literally being able to do thrash, country, blues & everything in between. Thinking something along the lines of Seymour Duncan SH-4 & a 59', something...
  11. UltraParanoia

    Flying Colors 'Second Nature'

    I cant wait for this, the 1st album ruled! Coming out September 29
  12. UltraParanoia

    Malaysian Airlines shot down over Ukraine/Russian border

    I'm not sure what I can say...but this is bad. Malaysia Airlines plane MH17 ‘shot down’ on Ukraine-Russia border | 27 Australians 154 Dutch 23 Malaysian 11 Indonesian six from the UK four German four Belgium three Filipinos and one Canadian. The nationalities of 47...
  13. UltraParanoia

    Malaysian Flight MH370 + Jacob Rothschild

    Without ranting on about it. It would have to be pretty well know that western media is heavily controlled & censored. It's obvious, well at least I think it is. We are shown what they want us to see. Maybe it's a distraction from something else going on in the world, who knows. This whole...
  14. UltraParanoia

    Show me pointy 7 strings!

    Although I will forever love Les Pauls & Superstrat shapes, I will get enough of pointy guitars! I'll never truly be happy until I have a 7 V. So, bring forth some pointy 7 goodness! To get things started....
  15. UltraParanoia

    Choosing pickups for a HSS Strat

    I'm looking to pick up a Lone Star Stratocaster, they are a HSS config. They come stock with Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates, which I'm sure will still be badass but maybe not quite enough output. I definitely still want that strat tone. I had thought of putting EMG SL20's which are Steve...
  16. UltraParanoia

    Can I buy a 7 string reverse headstock Ibanez neck?...

    I searched, but with nothing really coming up... I'm going to pick up an Iron Label RG7 but I want a god damn reverse headstock! Could I buy just the neck from Ibanez? I'd rather something official than a warmoth job or something like that
  17. UltraParanoia

    Schecter Hellraiser C7 Vs Ibanez RGIR27FE Iron Label

    Hey guys, Just looking for some opinions. I have a C7 & it does the job, but I'm looking to add something to the ranks & the new Iron Labels seem pretty straight forward, I like that. I don't mind the difference in necks, that doesn't phase me to much. I've only played the RG in store...