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  1. Saieph

    My First Full Release!

    I am super excited about this, ya'll... I wrote, performed, engineered, mixed and mastered everything except for one solo. The project is called Saieph, and the full release is called "Quenvalys". It represents a concept trilogy of 5 song stories (EP length). It is a "name your own price"...
  2. Saieph

    Effect Combo for Getting Bass Tone on 7 String Guitar

    So, here is my deal: I'm using Cubase 4 and JamUp Pro (iPhone application) I'm TRYING to figure out the best (and best sounding) way to record bass tracks using my Ibanez 7 string guitar My initial thought was to use (chain): Ocatve - NG - Filter - Drive - AMP - Compress But I...
  3. Saieph

    Gashzilla New Stuff - OBject1

    OBject1 V2 by Gashzilla on SoundCloud - Hear the world This is incomplete...there is an intro to be recorded, a chorus, breakdown and a build of sorts...a couple of other additions, and bass. But I'm trying to get a feel for working with some new equipment and a new dynamic overall. Let me...
  4. Saieph

    New - Not Completely Complete, Please Critique

    I still have some work to do: thicken up the middle, bring out the solo a bit more, some minor edits, ambiance addition, and some acoustic spots...but in general, let me know if you think I'm headed in the right direction, please. :hbang: The Grey Doubt Horse
  5. Saieph

    Hocking The Final Mixes of "From the Depths"

    I'm putting this one to bed. It was my first major foray into digital recording, and is currently in the state of being the best I can make it sound. I may send it off to my bro in law to master...but these are my final mixes...moving on to a new set of songs, fresh outlook on recording, better...
  6. Saieph

    Doctor Who Intro Music - Quick Cover

    Let me know what you think, production wise...this is my own take, version 1, and I am COMPLETELY aware that it is not a PERFECT match to the ORIGINAL Doctor Who Intro music. Snobs. :squint:
  7. Saieph

    NGD! Ibanez RG7421 - White

    I went for it. :) I'm in the process of installing the Aftermath in the bridge and my Liquifire in the neck. Beyond that, I have some minor changes I wish to make. The fretwork is a tad shoddy, but nothing I can't live with, or file down, or whatever. It was set up very nicely at the...
  8. Saieph

    Looking to Get a New 7...Input Please

    So, I really am looking for a 7, passive pickups, fixed bridge, maple fretboard. I don't care whether it is bolt on or thru. I would PREFER a white body with a matching headstock, and I would PREFER neck binding...would be a bonus if it had body binding too. Any suggestions on current stock...
  9. Saieph

    Gashzilla Tone Test

    Critique my clean and high-gain, please... Clean: Including the Clouds DEMO by UrthMover on SoundCloud - Hear the world High-Gain: Including the Clouds VERSE DEMO by UrthMover on SoundCloud - Hear the world Thanks in advance for your words!
  10. Saieph

    Please Check This Out - UrthMover New Break Riff

    So this is part of something I'm working on called "...including the clouds". Most of the song is written and ready to go, however I spent most of the day optimizing my computer and coming up with a decent record-able high gain sound. In the end, I got tired, but decided to push this out really...
  11. Saieph

    DiMarzio Tone Zone 7 and Super 3 6-String (Both Bridge)

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: DiMarzio Tone Zone 7 string, black/black, installed in only one guitar, lots of lead, no blemishes Modifications (if any): N/A Accessories (hardshell case etc): Original Box, Warranty Location (City,State or City,Country): Murfreesboro, TN...
  12. Saieph

    UrthMover - Have a Listen

    Thanks for any feedback you may have, in advance! Urthmover - From the Depths by UrthMover on SoundCloud - Hear the world
  13. Saieph

    NPD: BKP Aftermath 7 Bridge

    The pickup was a little too big for the route on my Dean, so using a regular knife, a modeling knife, and some sandpaper, managed to make the route big enough...and look nice for what I was working with! Although installed at 11:30 PM, I was able to play for a little bit, and I made a Tone...
  14. Saieph

    Call Me Crazy - Need Some 7 Str Neck Replacement Help

    So, I may sound ridiculous, but let's just accept that and focus on the question. I have a Dean Vendetta VNXM 7 string and I want to replace the neck with something comparable as far as feel and playability, but with a maple fretboard and white binding. I habe looked up and down and cannot...
  15. Saieph

    Have a Listen: (-) Touch by UrthMover

    Let me know what you think. (-) Touch by UrthMover :metal:
  16. Saieph

    Kaleidosaur - Gay Dinosaur Prog

    I think it should be faster, and have more cowbell. But generally, what do you think of the tone? KALEIDOSAUR :hbang:
  17. Saieph

    Urthmover - From the Depths MIXED!!

    These just need vox and some mastering and I'm DONE with this one...on to riffs that aren't 9 years old. :) Urthmover - From the Depths
  18. Saieph

    Strictly 7 Strandberg

    So who has played these and how do they compare to other 7's? What are some of the best and least best aspects of the Strandberg type guitar? Thanks!
  19. Saieph

    Fanned Fret Questions

    Can someone please explain the concept of fanned fretted guitars, the benefits, the limitations, number of strings benefitting most from that kind of arrangement, etc?