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  1. metallifan3091

    Do you guys have time to answer a short survey?

    On the subject of composing in GP, I'm pretty confident that you can actually write the drum track in GP, then export it as MIDI into a DAW. I also prefer to write drums with actual notation instead of a MIDI grid and that's how I do it.
  2. metallifan3091

    New (old)Amp Day - Sunn Beta Bass

    I saw Sunn O))) last weekend and ever since then, I've been jonesing for a Sunn amp. Do I need one? Absolutely not. But you getting one just makes me want one more, haha.
  3. metallifan3091

    Cloak - To Venomous Depths

    I saw these guys last weekend at Psycho Las Vegas. Really fun set, I'll definitely be checking their album out.
  4. metallifan3091

    New Revocation!!

    Really stoked for this album. The new tune is great and I really love Dave's phrasing.
  5. metallifan3091

    What Are Negative Time Signatures?

    Interesting read and theoretical concepts from all of you, but I find myself completely unconvinced that there's any pretty practicality to any of the three explanations.
  6. metallifan3091

    NGD! Schecter C7 SLS Elite (hardtail & Fishmans)

    Nice! I really dig these aesthetically EXCEPT that I personally don't like the covered/soapbar pickups much. I do really love the fade finish though. How do you like your Banshee Elite? I've been eyeing those for a long time but not many people on here have them.
  7. metallifan3091

    NGD: The King of the North (Carillion Content)

    This is definitely one of the nicest guitars I've seen on here. Wowee.
  8. metallifan3091

    SD Black Winter Worship thread

    Finally got a picture of my PRS Tremonti with Black Winters in it.
  9. IMG_20180529_131803


  10. metallifan3091

    Musician collaboration degrees of separation

    I think the most fun way to play this is to choose really mainstream pop artists and really 'kvlt' extreme metal guys that renounce pop music and actively hate what it stands for. Turns out that Varg Vikernes and T Swift are only 4 people apart. The best I've done so far is 6: Jeru the Damaja...
  11. metallifan3091

    PRS Archon 25W Combo

    Sure thing! If you decide to pick it up, you'll have to let us know what you think of it.
  12. metallifan3091

    PRS Archon 25W Combo

    I think the amp is great for 'busy chords' and things of that sort. I have a guitar with a SD Pegasus in A standard and another with a SD Black Winter in D standard and it doesn't have any trouble with clarity or low end tightness with either. I do use a Tube Screamer with mine but it may be...
  13. metallifan3091

    PRS Archon 25W Combo

    I have an Archon 25w combo and I LOVE it. That said, it's my only tube amp and I only use it in my apartment for practice on my own and jamming with recorded tracks, so I may not be the best source of info depending on what you'd like to know about it. Feel free to ask and I'll do my best to...
  14. metallifan3091

    String gauges - 25.5 scale Drop G# - Thinnest possible choice?

    For what it's worth, my seven is an older PRS SE with a 25" scale and I use the EB Cobalt 10-62 set and I usually keep it tuned down one whole step. I've never had any trouble with tension or intonation but YMMV depending on preference.
  15. metallifan3091

    NGD Fanned Ash Fireman.

    This is ridiculously cool.
  16. metallifan3091

    6 string pickup shootout. No bull, no frills.

    Any plans to do any Mojotones or the DiMarzio Imperium? EDIT: Derp. Just saw the Imperium on your list. Looking forward to that as I love Dave's guitar tones with Revocation.
  17. metallifan3091

    NGD: PRS SC 245

    ^Whaattttttt?! That's awesome! I'm a big Clutch fan. If you can't summon some tasty riffs from a guitar with that kind of mojo, I'll be surprised.
  18. metallifan3091

    Best 6str under 2k to meeting the following criteria...

    If you dig PRS, definitely shop around some. I got a Core model Tremonti model with a pretty nice top for WELL under the 2k threshold. There are almost always Cu24s on Reverb at that price or less and you can sometimes find other models (like the old Johnny Hiland sig with the maple fingerboard)...
  19. metallifan3091

    Recommendation on Set List

    I'd recommend picking out some tunes from those bands that are recognizable but not their biggest hits. Personally, I'd pick something from a bit earlier in Clutch's catalog (Big News or Texan Book of the Dead are favorites of mine), Into the Void by Black Sabbath, maybe a Corrosion of...
  20. metallifan3091

    Your favorite melancholy/sad song?

    I'm really surprised that this band hasn't come up yet. One of the most soul-crushingly sad metal albums that I've ever heard: