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    NGD: Baritone Telecaster content!

    Exactly! I love a blend of traditional and modern, and this guitar nails both realms perfectly.
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    NGD: Baritone Telecaster content!

    Happy NGD to me! I just got my custom LSL Adam Christianson (Architects) signature baribone, and I'm floored with how incredible fo an instrument it is! The only other baritone I have is a Schecter c8 ATX which is a 26.5" scale, while the tele comes in at 27.5" - yet feels so comfortable when...
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    FS Dimarzio Titan 7 set, Unopened Tremel-no

    Will the tremel-no fit a hipshot contour trem?
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    Guitar pedals OR Pre-amps for bass

    Hey everyone I'm mainly a guitar player, but have always fiddled with bass - and blending bass with guitar pre-amp or distortion pedals. I've recently gotten ahold of a Revv G3 and couldn't help but try it with my bass. To say the least this pedal rules and it'll be on my pedalboard rig very...
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    Questions for Boss MS-3 owners

    Yeah the onboard OD's aren't bad. I'm more partial to my 805 that I run in L1. If I didn't have a quality OD pedal, the factory ones would work in a pinch.
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    Questions for Boss MS-3 owners

    1. Essentially yes, although I've never found the need to turn the effect level or direct level down. 2. I really like the gate on the MS-3, and I like it over the ISP decimator I used to run. I still have my ns-2 if I need extra gating which I can run in a loop, but it's dead quiet. 3. You...
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    FS Fishman Fluence Keith Merrow 7-String Set

    Does this come with a charging pack or just the 9v connection?
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    Road King Cab opinions

    A friend of mine has a recto 4x12 with his RKII and it sounds incredible.
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    The Official 'Post Your Youtube Vids' Thread (Post your covers here)

    Hello all, my band The Vilification has just released our first music video for the single "Shuffling", off our forthcoming ep to be released this year. Let me know what you think! Recorded at Decibel Audioworks in Thunder Bay ON, Canada. All guitars recorded on a Schecter Blackjack ATX C8 (SD...
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    Wireless System: G10 v G30 v WMS40

    Check out the WIC by PRA audio, it's the best wireless I've ever used; user-friendly, compact, amazing signal and tone, and great CS.
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    Need a MIDI Looper/Switcher

    Second the GCX/GCP with a mini amp gizmo and proprietary cable for your head.
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    Best Amp Head for 8-Strings

    I love my Mesa Mark V for the 8 string stuff
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    New Ibanez protypes

    This reminds me of a Suhr, which is awesome. I love the vintage-modern stuff.
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    News on Jackson for 2017

    I was talking to Broderick in June and he mentioned a potential pro series for his white custom shape guitar.
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    G12M Greenbacks or Creambacks for high gain/downtune applications?

    I tried the EVH speakers with a VHT Deliverance 60 a few years ago, with am 8 string (emgs), and the combo sounded amazing. Very clear and rounded (not flubby), with great articulation.