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  1. sleewell

    EVH 5153

    I love my 50w 6l6. The Kruse mods are amazing.
  2. sleewell

    Blue Lamps

  3. sleewell

    The Deftones are breaking my heart...

    bros he did his research. just trust that he is right and everyone else is wrong. lol lol
  4. sleewell

    The Deftones are breaking my heart...

    i sincerely think flat earthers are some of the ultimate trolls. they don't believe it but just want to make everyone else flip their shit. i mean to admit that that moon and other planets are spheres but only the earth is flat is pretty nuts. havent ever seen them live but it kinda sounds...
  5. sleewell

    Are we finally able to 100% cut the cables in our guitar chain?

    Kinda what we thought too but after a few takes you just turn your amp off and go nuts. We wrote the song and play it live so it's not like we can't play it. Just for a vid tho you wanna be going ape and it doesn't really matter about the sound in the room, if anything the amp is kinda a...
  6. sleewell

    i do too much in life to get good :(

    only so many hours in the day. sucks but you gotta prioritize or just enjoy the choices you make. im not good by any means but i go down and play when i get the kids to bed after a long day of working.
  7. sleewell

    New Metal Music Thread

    i tried to listen to this yesterday. some of the comments were funny AF. "they literally were just like release it". or the one about the bass being recorded in a well. i dunno, not my cup of tea i guess. the bass is pretty weak imo and when its only bass and drums thats kinda crucial lol...
  8. sleewell

    Why are you happy right now?

    Oceano got added to one of the fests we are playing this summer. cant wait to see them.
  9. sleewell

    Are we finally able to 100% cut the cables in our guitar chain?

    only when shooting music vids lolololol live you still need them haha.
  10. sleewell

    Cases for baritone guitars?

    when i was looking at double gig bags i remember the bass versions being bigger.
  11. sleewell

    Solar 29” scale baritone!

    A non evertune version would be dope. I was on the bandwagon for a bit but have dropped off lol. But it looks like a sweet guitar for sure.
  12. sleewell

    Trevor Strnad dead at 41

    horrible news. so sad.
  13. sleewell

    Any investors?...Tech stocks bull or bear for 2022

    Bear Inflation, gas prices, higher rates will slow real estate. But I'm an idiot so what do I know haha. I just keep putting the same % in each pay period and have no plans to retire for a long time. I think Netflix is toast. Hearing about ads by year end which will send more people away.
  14. sleewell

    Baritone 7’s - What’s your favorite scale length?

    26.5 isnt really a bari is it? i feel like schecter kinda made that the normal scale for 7s.
  15. sleewell

    First time playing out in nearly two years... who else?

    Sorry about that dude, band drama is never fun. If your band doesn't have a local following it's not the time to be playing so far away. Playing to no one sucks but we've all been there. I hope you find some cool people and can play some fun shows soon!!
  16. sleewell

    Convince me not to buy this Solar

    The gold ruins it for me but I'm not buying it so do you
  17. sleewell

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    sorry man, that should be a crime.

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