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  1. Andromalia

    Wintersun's Jari Mäenpää on Time II Problems

    It's time II get out.
  2. Andromalia

    [OK Boomer] Show your HIFI setup.

    Last update for a while: Received the tuner which works fine. Setup everything and discovered that I more or less filled all the cabinet already. Next purchases (not right now) - a CD player. I don't have a lot of CDs but I guess at some point I'll have some I want to read -An EQ: all those...
  3. Andromalia

    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    Well, here's the equation: -Promote the good phone agents and endup in the situation you describe -Promote the people who will be good at management. Problems arise when the people who work better than them see those promoted over them. Especially in this field as very few people do phone...
  4. Andromalia

    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    The assault on the capitol, trying to use organised and planned violence to change the result of an election, is a component of fascist regimes. It failed, but so did the aborted putsch in 1923.
  5. Andromalia

    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    Taxes don't work that way in *any* country. (that I know of) The upper brackket only applies to the part of the money that is inside it. To take your exemple, you'd pay 32% only on the 1 cent that is above the previous bracket. Earning more gross money *never* results in a net loss. In France...
  6. Andromalia

    Any Brits here?

    These last years, and not only in the UK, it seems like democracy has become "We represent 20% of the electorate, we need to mass propaganda the dumbest 30% we can find so we reach 50%". I feel like the universal vote is getting stolen.
  7. Andromalia

    [OK Boomer] Show your HIFI setup.

    Update: Ordered stuff to replace the receiver as the damage was just plain annoying given I buy this as much as furniture as I do for sound. -Got a TA-F590es integrated amplifier and the matching S590 tuner. -Found a good-looking hifi cabinet. It's not officially a Sony piece but I ordered a...
  8. Andromalia

    Mayones vs Ernie Ball Music Man quality?

    One thing to keep in mind with EBMM is that they can be peculiar, with shorter neck widths and smaller frets than most metla players are used to. Usually if you buy one it's not just for the quality (they're very good) but because their specificities is what you're after. They also have their...
  9. Andromalia

    Good albums with disappointing sound/production

    I think it's a case of rosy memories. I listened to Decade of Aggression recently and I was "Oh, I thought this sounded good once ?" because I distinctly remember thinking this sounded awesome at some point. (Make that 1992 ?) Slayer has a pretty peculiar guitar tone in all of their records...
  10. Andromalia

    Elixir Strings sold out? (The Elixir strings availability thread)

    Conclusion: metric, motherfuckers. To add something of value, I was able to get sets of Elixir strings from Amazon without any hassle and the price so far has not skyrocketed. With all the metals trading up I'd stockup if I were you.
  11. Andromalia

    Good albums with disappointing sound/production

    Weird choice: that sound was very much sought after and in fashion at the time. Tastes changed but it's not really a bad production issue.
  12. Andromalia

    [OK Boomer] Show your HIFI setup.

    Got everything. Unfortunatley the receiver got damaged in transit, I think I can just straighten the ding with some light hammering though. Will see what the seller says, packaging was, eh. Found the piece of furniture to be reaaaally bad so I dunked it, went to buy a wall mount for the TV and...
  13. Andromalia

    [OK Boomer] Show your HIFI setup.

    You live in Japan, that's litterally cheating when talking vintage stuff. I'd import a lot of stuff but I CBA with stepdown transformers. That vertical LP is soooo cool.
  14. Andromalia

    Terrible looking amp heads?

    Well, their old 70es logo is ugly to begin with, it doesn't help. I remember that logo being around on old-looking PAs in the early 80es.
  15. Andromalia

    [OK Boomer] Show your HIFI setup.

    Update: I do pride myself on being a decent Project Manager, but getting the amp delivered last after having ordered it first would have me yell quite a bit if this had happened in a professional setting. TLDR: just got another delivery that isn't the receiver. I litterally got everything else...
  16. Andromalia

    [OK Boomer] Show your HIFI setup.

    Can't edit so will add another post, temporary setup, I need a decent housing for the whole, this is what I had in my basement. Now pondering if I need an EQ and a MD player. HELPPP !
  17. Andromalia

    [OK Boomer] Show your HIFI setup.

    murphy's law: OF COURSE the receiver is the thing that is going to be delivered last. Too lazy to hook everything to the pioneer to test it, I'll wait until monday.
  18. Andromalia

    De-cabbing with IRs

    It's as easy as traveling into the future, actually: just wait, and you're done.
  19. Andromalia

    Will Russia invade Ukraine again? (Yes, yes they did)

    You don't need to kill Putin to remove him. Both Saddam Hussein and Ceausescu got killed well after they were toppled. What you need in the case of Russia at the moment is an internal coup. It's unlikely an assasination commando could succeed and even if, they likely wouldn't be able to escape...
  20. Andromalia

    Intervals back to Fractal?

    I used an axe FX before it was cool Metallica. I feel honored Metallica felt the need to be validated by playing my gear.

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