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  1. fps

    Martin Axenrot out of Opeth

    Fingers crossed they get Martin Lopez back again and get good.
  2. fps

    Any metal bands you don't get?

    Ministry do nothing for me. I've tried, to the point where I know I don't want to try any more.
  3. fps

    RIP Sean Malone

    Emergent is such a great record. I wouldn’t have it sound any other way.
  4. fps

    What are you listening to?

    Eskimo Rentboy. You're welcome.
  5. fps

    New Mastodon Album and Single - "Hushed and Grim" October 29th

    Botrill is a complete wizard, this news has me excited sonically. For me they are one of the great bands of the 00s, but not the 10s.
  6. fps

    BLIND TEST! Guess the amp!

    I'll go Blackstar, some 100W head of theirs, they have one called the Series One I think?
  7. fps

    Morbid Angel - Gateways tones help?

    Yeah he's not changed gear too much, knew about the JCM, do you know if he's using the RAT to boost the gain channel then?
  8. fps

    Morbid Angel - Gateways tones help?

    Hey, can anyone link me to what Trey was using around this time? I'm especially interested in the lead tones, clear yet smooth, like at the end of Ageless, Still I Am, and the lead break in At One With Nothing. I love this record.
  9. fps

    Has anyone ever actually found THEIR tone??

    Yes, but I haven't been able to put it on a recording yet. I loved the tone on the record we did release however, that was also my tone.
  10. fps

    Jerry Cantrell Gibson Custom Shop Ltd run "Wino" Les Paul Custom

    For this kind of money, I'd really want something like a clip of the artist playing a riff on the actual serial numbered guitar I'm buying, and signing it. I'd need that kind of direct connection for it to be worth it to me. I appreciate for many $10k is nothing, and as we're seeing with the...
  11. fps

    Can we talk about Alice In Chains?

    Ah no worries! Yeah the vocal similarity is eeerie. Is he in an original project still? I know some people can be accused of “copying” the chains sound but it’s only because so few do it while there are a million Slayer clones, and good music is good music.
  12. fps

    Jerry Cantrell Gibson Custom Shop Ltd run "Wino" Les Paul Custom

    I got through my GAS for the Adam Jones LP, so I can get through my GAS for this. I picture Jerry with a Rampage, and that helps make this one a little easier. Gorgeous guitar.
  13. fps

    Can we talk about Alice In Chains?

    Given how good Duvall is, I’m genuinely interested - why this guy instead of someone who was already a friend of the band, came up round a similar time, has massive charisma and blows the doors off it live every single night?
  14. fps

    The Carvin / Kiesel thread

    I actually love the Hyperdrive design, can't lie. In a 7 it's just so striking. Would love to own one some day.
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    Can we talk about Alice In Chains?

    Anyone excited for Jerry’s solo album? I love Chains so much. I enjoy the new albums when they come out too, Rainier Fog may be the most solid one start to finish since they reformed.
  16. fps

    Dream Theater

    I really like the new song. It's the band pushing to write the best songs and sections it can, which is fine, and I simply like the melodies and what's going on, nice.
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    FS PRS SE Mushok Baritone (UK) with BKP bridge

    £500 now takes it final price. Some interest but I really can't ship, sorry. Can meet somewhere, I'm based in London.
  18. fps

    How often do you write guitar riffs?

    I mainly sing my guitar riffs into the voice recorder on phone. If I can't sing it, it's not normally something I want to use.
  19. fps

    NGD - Daemoness (2 weeks shy of 7 years wait)

    Incredible. Enjoy. Wow.
  20. fps

    New Cannibal Corpse album coming (Plus Erik Rutan now an official member)

    Thank god a big band has stuck their head above the parapet and released something. Can’t wait for the album.