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  1. electriceye

    PRS Silver Sky DRAMA with Zach Myers and John Mayer???

    I would immediately go out and buy 5 more and paint them all pink.
  2. electriceye

    Kiesel quality control

    Who gives a shit? The guy has the money and wanted something fun to do in retirement. What is wrong with you people? It’s HIS money. What the hell do you care what he does with it if it’s not hurting anyone? And what right do you have to criticize him over it? He came here asking for help and...
  3. electriceye

    Fretboart chip - simple fix?

    Ah, never heard of it. But, it's a cousin to wenge, so my answer still applies. CHEERS! :D
  4. electriceye

    Fretboart chip - simple fix?

    What the heck is "pange?" Do you mean Wenge? That's what it appears to be to me. Here's another very easy fix that works well with wenge: black medium thickness CA glue (they also make brown, but black is more useful). When dry and sanded down, it blends right in. Very easy fix and I wouldn't...
  5. electriceye

    Current BC Rich Thread

    I know I'm a bit old, but I paid $675 for my ST-III in late '86. Just hard for me to accept the prices these days. It just feels like they took a HUGE leap the past couple of years. That said, if people would be willing to pay $5k for one of MY builds, I'll happily take their money. :D
  6. electriceye

    Current BC Rich Thread

    Don't get me started on the sheer ABSURDITY of Fender's "Masterbuilt" bullshit. That's highway robbery, to say the least. Anyone paying those prices are morons.
  7. electriceye

    Current BC Rich Thread

    That's interesting. I have always stayed away from non-US-made Jacksons anyway, although I do have a Mustaine KV Pro, which is fucking awesome (but also 30 years old). I've almost never been a real fan of the overseas-made stuff. Frankly, I see almost zero difference in any brands' overseas...
  8. electriceye

    Jackson/Charvel Owners Club

    That is STUNNING!!!! But, very interesting knob placement. Do you have Hulk-sized hands?? :D
  9. electriceye

    Current BC Rich Thread

    This may very well be the nicest (new) BCR I've seen in YEARS. As a lifelong BCR fan, I just wish the Made in USA was on the front of the headstock, like they used to be. But, this is what we need to see from the company, not abalone slabs.
  10. electriceye

    Ibanez Destroyer blue prints needed!

    I have mdf body templates available if anyone is interested. PM me.
  11. electriceye

    Ibanez guys, I need your help re: buying RG350M pickguard

    Ugh. You're right. They DO have pick guards for the RG350DX. I would order one of those, but not sure it would be worth paying for return shipping and 15% restocking fee on a $35 item.
  12. electriceye

    Have you ever bought a guitar that solved your G.A.S. for a while?

    This is a trick question. No guitar can cure GAS. Even Kirk Hammett plays guitars other than Greenie!
  13. electriceye

    Ibanez guys, I need your help re: buying RG350M pickguard

    I may end up doing that myself, assuming it would work with my router bit/table and I don't destroy it. Maybe I'll trace it first, just in case! :D
  14. electriceye

    Rare Ibanez Thread

    If I paid $100k for a fucking guitar, it better damn well be hand-delivered by men in a Brinks truck, accompanied by a few very hot women willing to spend lot of time hearing me, uh, play. :D
  15. electriceye

    ESP Owners Club-Show Us Your ESPs!

    I don't care if people collect guitars. It's simply my hope that they PLAY them. Doesn't matter if it's in the basement late at night or in front of 50,000 people. No matter the price, rarity or whatever, guitars have souls that need to be cared for. :) Hell, I have at least 10 guitars and...
  16. electriceye

    Ibanez guys, I need your help re: buying RG350M pickguard

    As some of you may've seen a few weeks ago, I scored a beat up RG350M from a pawn shop. I'm basically restoring it to better-than-new. However, I'm running into a very frustrating issue, and that's finding a replacement pick guard that actually FITS. So far, I'm 0-for-2. Basically, the screw...
  17. electriceye

    Explain this to me: Color request denied by DiMarzio

    Welp, I stumbled upon a really good deal on a set of green EVOs. So, my color scheme will be a bit different than planned. Now, I'm on the hunt for a pink or green single coil... But, I did also order a hot pink strap, so keeping it real. :D (EDIT: Just got email that order was canceled b/c...
  18. electriceye

    Explain this to me: Color request denied by DiMarzio

    Well, in all honesty, I consider the entire island a landfill filled with trash. :D Of course, there are exceptions, but you know what I mean.
  19. electriceye

    Explain this to me: Color request denied by DiMarzio

    SI is basically a giant landfill.
  20. electriceye

    My Kiesel HH2 build - Am I wrong to be a little bit disappointed?

    I'm not going to say too much about this, because it's likely been said already, but ANY builder that refuses to send you pictures of the finished guitar before it's shipped is shady. I'm not at the level of building for customers yet, but I can't imagine myself not sending pictures to make sure...