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  1. Hoss632

    Epiphone Matt Heafy "Origins" Les Paul Custom

    Not the traditional neck heel, it's the same one used on the prophecy models which is a little better for upper fret stuff.
  2. Hoss632

    What do you play besides Guitar and Bass?

    Tuba, trombone, baritone, very basic drumming. Would love to learn keyboard/piano.
  3. Hoss632

    Do Jazzmaster 7s exist?

    I think their neck specs are universal, but they have 2 profiles, a comfy C or a slim D shape for all models.
  4. Hoss632

    Do Jazzmaster 7s exist?

    Hope you are able to get it. No pickguard, and emg's would make for an awesome set up for sure!
  5. Hoss632

    Help me make a decision - 7 String Guitar

    Non-custom production route: Schecter KM-7 MKIII, hybrid or artist Schecter C-7 SLS Elite PRS SE Holcomb SVN Jackson DK Modern 7 Ash Ibanez Axion Label RGD71ALPA Custom: Pretty much just Kiesel- Aries, Aries titanium, Delos all have 7 string options and I believe optional 27" scale lengths over...
  6. Hoss632

    PRS Silver Sky DRAMA with Zach Myers and John Mayer???

    They look really nice in person. Only complaints I've really seen is some pitch drift issues even in standard tuning. Not sure if it's due to the scale length or just needs better tuners/nut and it's good to go. The one I played seemed fine. It was my first time playing a semi-hollow so the tone...
  7. Hoss632

    Do Jazzmaster 7s exist?

    So basically like this?
  8. Hoss632

    Sweetwater Music has a custom shop?!

    How many folks knew this? I was today years old when I found out.
  9. Hoss632

    Favorite recorded guitar tones?

    Their guitarist Tom Scholz was a literal perfectionist and widely responsible for how great their albums sounded.
  10. Hoss632

    Recommendations for Mid Range 6 String?

    I will admit at first I liked ibanez aesthetics, but always figured the necks would be too thin. Then I tried 2 or 3 one day, including a s671. Even though the necks were technically thinner than say the schecter ultra thin profiles, it still felt like more in my hands cause the ibanez necks i...
  11. Hoss632

    Boutique builders a la Tom Anderson/Suhr/Vigier etc that will do more pointy/extreme shapes?

    agreed. I had said something to him because he did a guitar with a pale moon ebony neck, which I had never seen before. And that started a whole conversation.
  12. Hoss632

    Scale length question

    It's interesting how certain guitars can feel so different. Though for me a LP and a strat don't feel that different tension wise. But a typical 25 inch custom 24 PRS with factory strings has a much higher tension feel to me. But take off a half inch and play one of their 245's or a zach myer's...
  13. Hoss632

    Boutique builders a la Tom Anderson/Suhr/Vigier etc that will do more pointy/extreme shapes?

    No prob. I'm so new to the upper end of the guitar world. I've personally really come to like Valenti and hope I can maybe order one from him someday.
  14. Hoss632

    Recommendations for Mid Range 6 String?

    There are so many options from Schecter, the KM6 hybrid like you've already tried, any of the blackjack series guitars, the new Reaper Custom, the SLS Elite guitars all have fishman moderns if that's your thing. Ibanez is the same. Any of the premium series would work so long as there's one with...
  15. Hoss632

    Anyone Keep Going Back To EMG?

    Cool good to know.
  16. Hoss632

    which ibanez would u buy tonight?

    RGA because it has a fixed bridge.
  17. Hoss632

    Anyone Keep Going Back To EMG?

    Curious if this is that Subzero jazzmaster looking baritone that you got. if it is I'm curious on the quality of the guitar. As for which EMG set, if you are using this thing tuned way down I honestly would say why not the 81/85? That set does really well in low tunings and if anything I think...
  18. Hoss632

    new Matt Heafy Fishman Fluence pickups

    There's a big difference between over rated and over hyped. But knowing statements you've made in general I know that you mean both when talking pretty much any fishman product. I can name plenty of over rated/hyped pups, I simply chose EMG as my example in this case because that's the company...
  19. Hoss632

    Boutique builders a la Tom Anderson/Suhr/Vigier etc that will do more pointy/extreme shapes?

    I know it's not necessarily Anderson/Suhr type stuff, but have you thought about Kiesel? Their hyperdrive, ultra V and v220's all have the nut width you are looking for and have Floyd Rose locking system's as options. They are pretty customizable and for the most part well built. Turn around...
  20. Hoss632

    new Matt Heafy Fishman Fluence pickups

    The Jim root pups from EMG are far far worse. Probably one of the worst sounding sets I've ever heard, and by far the worst EMG has ever done honestly.