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  1. kevdes93

    New Ibanez Iron Label models

    Is it a trick of the light of does the iceman have a big giant contour reminiscent of the early Tosin proto?
  2. kevdes93

    Boss HM2/Clone Chainsaw Megathread

    Pre-ordered, was hesitant because I ordered the tb-2w back in February and have gotten nothing but delays but I figured I'd be getting one of these for sure anyway
  3. kevdes93

    Boss HM2/Clone Chainsaw Megathread

    The boss Europe Instagram page just posted a teaser video prominently featuring a space echo and the HM-2 saying "new gear announced june 13th"
  4. kevdes93


    That was wild lol Meta was one of my albums of whatever year it came out, I'll def be checking this out
  5. kevdes93

    Boss HM2/Clone Chainsaw Megathread

    Yeah sadly nothing about that post really says teaser to me. IIRC Boss said straight up at one point that it wasn’t something they’d ever do
  6. kevdes93

    Boss HM2/Clone Chainsaw Megathread

    Grabbed a MiT for 90$ on reverb tonight, stoked to add another to the collection
  7. kevdes93

    Peavey Invective Megathread Misha Mansoor Signature Amp Looks like a tentative early May release for the mh
  8. kevdes93

    Boss HM2/Clone Chainsaw Megathread

    Picked up a third MIJ for 100$ today from the original owner off craigslist, he said "this pedal sounded like shit 30 years ago and it sounds like shit now" :lol: Did a comparison with my behringer for funsies, the boss is way meatier and the behringer has more high mids and is noisier
  9. kevdes93

    NGD: 2019 Gibson SG Standard Pelham Blue

    not sure whats different about it but its definitely more stable than the naked sg. There can still be some pitch movement with the standard but its much less touchy than the naked
  10. kevdes93

    NGD: 2019 Gibson SG Standard Pelham Blue

    Just got this guy in yesterday! Ive been falling out of love with my Naked SG with p90s so i thought id try a higher tier Gibson; i couldn't be happier with my decision. My main issues with the naked SG were tuning stability, sharp fret ends (probably because of a cold northeast winter) and the...
  11. kevdes93

    NAD: Matamp GT 150

    Very nice, i had a 1224 mkii for a while and always wanted to try out a GT1
  12. kevdes93

    KSR Ceres - 3 Channel Preamp Pedal

    Not much gives me a gear boner these days but im gonna have to grab one of these for sure.
  13. kevdes93

    Dino leaves Ibanez for Ormsby

    Damn, didnt expect that at all tbh
  14. kevdes93

    Jackson/Charvel NAMM 2019

    I like that they added blue frost and roasted maple to the pro series juggernauts but my past experiences with the pro series misha sigs have not been awesome
  15. kevdes93

    ESP NAMM 2019 thread

    The new Steph is absolutely perfect IMO, definitely getting one. Anyone know how his signature fishmans are?
  16. kevdes93

    [NGD] Ibanez RG 7421 PB SPB

    Thats just the burl veneer, nothing to worry about. Welcome to the forum!
  17. kevdes93

    ESP NAMM 2019 thread

    That new steph is spectacular, its been a while since i bought a brand new guitar but i think thatll be it
  18. kevdes93

    Horizon Devices "Nano Attack"

    150$ is just silly
  19. kevdes93

    Fortin > Australia

    I sent a pedal to australia last week and it cost me 30$usd