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  1. Baelzebeard

    Bandcamp Friday thread?

    Heres my band. We just put out an album a couple months ago.
  2. Baelzebeard

    Double cat people

    Also, L-Lysine supplements have really helped a cat I have with feline herpes. We get some treats at the vet, and he loves them.
  3. Baelzebeard

    Double cat people

    With proper introductions over the course of a week or two, I've never had cats that were violent with each other, but they dont necessarily become best buddies. Four is still pretty young, and might still enjoy playing with a kitten. I currently have 3 cats: ages 3, 8, and 13. I have had...
  4. Baelzebeard

    NPD: Mr. Black Supermoon

    I've never really noticed a volume difference in my application. I'll check next time I use it.
  5. Baelzebeard

    NPD: Mr. Black Supermoon

    Nice. I love my Supermoon. I love its tonality. I have a solution for the volume issue. Just leave it on all the time.......just kidding, but in all seriousness that is how I use it. I use it with a fairly mild setting for full time ambiance.(Decay at 12 o'clock, and Sway at 11, Reverb at 9)
  6. Baelzebeard

    Recording clean guitars in 2022.

    I prefer a flatter, wider frequency response for clean tones, so I usually dont use cab sims for truly clean guitar (and bass too) when in DAW/modeling.
  7. Baelzebeard

    are there any good passive pickups for sounding clearer with alot of gain

    D-Activators aren't the coolest new thing, but might be just what you need.
  8. Baelzebeard

    Best 100w+ speaker for 1x12 combo?

    Not mentioned, but also EV flavored. WGS 12L. Celestion Copperback.
  9. Baelzebeard

    PRS SE 7 String

    I hate chrome hardware, so I swapped for black Gotoh tuners, and a black Hipshot bridge. The factory hardware was totally serviceable though. I found the stock pickups to be a little muddy, and swapped them for Dimarzio Illuminator bridge, and Ionizer neck. Much better. Nice guitar overall.
  10. Baelzebeard

    Pickups for 25.5" 7-string

    If we are going to make pickup suggestions we need to know what you have now, so that we have perspective. Also, 74 is huge for B or A. I use 62 for B, or 68 for A.
  11. Baelzebeard

    RIP Gilbert Gottfried

    Sucks. Look up his roast of Rosanne if you want a laugh (NSFW).
  12. Baelzebeard

    Not too intense distortion pedal suggestion..

    MI super Crunch box v2. Very flexible, and sounds great.
  13. Baelzebeard

    Found the dream cab, now looking for the dream speaker :)

    Celestion CL80. I've got one in a ported 1x12, and it sounds really great.
  14. Baelzebeard

    Guitar creaking and cracking noises.

    Maybe try to loosen/retighten the neck bolts. Could need a reset. My old Ibanez radius makes all sorts of creaking noises when you adjust the truss rod.
  15. Baelzebeard

    PROCO Rat 2 Volume Drop/Sag at high distortion levels.

    My Walrus Iron Horse does it too. I think it's just a Rat thing.
  16. Baelzebeard

    How do you think about how a compressor behaves?

    In the simplest terms, I think if a compressor as an automated volume control. Like riding the channel fader on a mixing console. Exceeding the threshold brings the fader down an amount dictated by the ratio control. Makeup or output level is like adjusting the master fader.
  17. Baelzebeard

    Seattle WA metal/hard rock show

    We are playing a show on the 30th. Come on out if you got nothing else to do. Funhouse (Seattle), 8pm, Mar 30, 2022
  18. Baelzebeard

    Playback recording sounds different

    Which DAW?
  19. Baelzebeard

    Speaker choice for tight tone in 1968 Fender Bassman Cab.

    Swamp Thang/ Texas Heat. Very balanced and powerful.
  20. Baelzebeard

    Parallel Signal Processing

    I have a stereo pedal board that is set up for true stereo distortion. For conventional distortion, I run an MI Audio Super Crunch Box v2(hot rodded Jcm 800), and an MXR 5150 to two clean half stacks. For hellish noise a run an HM2 and FZ2 in stereo. Not very articulate, or versatile, but god...