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  1. DistinguishedPapyrus

    What's on your workbench?

    Man I'd love to put LED's in my shop. That's gotta be next on my shop upgrade list. Currently running those long tube fluorescent bulbs... they are sketchy at best. The one right over my bench constantly flickers like something out of a horror movie scene. Cool for a halloween decoration but...
  2. DistinguishedPapyrus

    Guitars Built by Members of [pic heavy]

    Man incredible build. I Love the simplicity of it.
  3. DistinguishedPapyrus

    Not your typical Blackmachine copy...

    I did almost no work on this guitar all of last year. It was a bad year, I'm sure many can relate... but nonetheless, onward and upward. Got back in the garage and made some more saw dust. I don't know what happened to the original pics nut here's where she's at today. I'm proud of how...
  4. DistinguishedPapyrus

    truss rod depth tolerances.

    How thin would you push the thickness of the material between the truss rod slot and the back of the neck? The guitar I'm currently working on had to get sanded a little deeper than I originally had planned for to remove a blemish, so it's now right at 3 mm (0.119") at the thinnest point behind...
  5. DistinguishedPapyrus

    Covid 19/Coronavirus

    Man... reading the first post on this thread and now knowing now how things actually went down... I havn't been on this forum in a while, like a couple years. Wow. Just mind blowing. I work in a hospital in Florida. This has been the wildest year, in over a decade I've been doing this, 2020 was...
  6. DistinguishedPapyrus

    What did YOU do this weekend? (The Weekend Thread)

    Built a new coop for my chickens, played a lot of Borderlands 3, and got back into building guitars.
  7. DistinguishedPapyrus

    Coronavirus-inspired inlay design critique / suggestions

    As everybody else says too, I go with 1. But f this virus stuff... cant wait til this crap is over.
  8. DistinguishedPapyrus

    Properly setting up a band saw...

    Great information in that video.
  9. DistinguishedPapyrus

    Properly setting up a band saw...

    Just asking about ideal setup for a band saw. I was given an older one, kind of a small saw, trying to rip a neck blank for laminates the blade was tracking ok along the line on the top side of the piece where it entered, but was cutting almost an S shape vertically down through the blank and...
  10. DistinguishedPapyrus

    Where to source fiber optic strands for inlay's and side dots?

    Looking for some spools of fiber optic bulk material preferably in a selection of different sizes, and in the US for shipping reasons.
  11. DistinguishedPapyrus

    Not your typical Blackmachine copy...

    I love the look of Blackmachine guitars. Who doesn't? But, I dont want to build just a straight line for line copy of a guitar, so I'm making one with just one slight difference... It''ll be almost exactly like the real deal. It's got the beautiful overall simplicity, the skinny hockey stick...
  12. DistinguishedPapyrus

    Some memes for (Rules Posted in OP -- Please Read)

    Said the Joker to the thief. Put it all together it makes a song lyric from Jimi Hendrix's song All Along the Watchtower. "There must be some kind of way out of here, said the joker to the thief"
  13. DistinguishedPapyrus

    Some memes for (Rules Posted in OP -- Please Read)

    Glad somebody finally said it. It's also the music for every 60 second avocado based recipe plug on your facebook feed. (for the record, I love avocado and eat vegan dishes fairly often, but seriously it gets old watching those things.)
  14. DistinguishedPapyrus

    Explorer #2 build thread

    Looks pretty clean. I personally have never done a tenon style set neck but that seems like a good way to go with it.
  15. DistinguishedPapyrus

    Time to start up a new build

    More progress. First things first... the stewmac binding bit kicks butt. This one's getting dressed in all black from here on out. Decided to go with a Richlite fretboard from LMII... just cause. I have never worked with the stuff. It machines really well, no tear out or anything like...
  16. DistinguishedPapyrus

    Time to start up a new build

    I have the neck set a little deeper into the body, and it goes on before the top is glued in place. It’s just all sort of layered and stacked together. That smaller square you see at the heel only scratches the surface of a little bit bigger neck core that extends into the body. Just the way I...
  17. DistinguishedPapyrus

    Summer Build Challenge 2019: SEPT. 23RD DEADLINE

    Ohhh that's cool. I remember budget build challenges of the past, glad to see this open up again! I don't know yet if I'm gonna try it, but don't count me out yet.
  18. DistinguishedPapyrus

    Time to start up a new build

    Neck has been glued into the body, top is bookmatched and dry fit onto the body. Still gotta make a few adjustments tomorrow and then glue it up. I made the top just a little thinner than the original kinda by mistake, the bookmatch cut got a little wobbly and I had to take off a tiny bit more...
  19. DistinguishedPapyrus

    Chris Larkin Guitars is No More (Sad Content)

    So, actually it looks like he passed away back in August of 2018.