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  1. brector

    Alan, Ray, and Andy - What a day...

    Um, isn't Bill on that one?
  2. brector

    The Deftones are breaking my heart...

    The vaccine isn't gene therapy for starters... Got any sources for your other "facts"?
  3. brector

    Merrow - Mojave Repressions (New Album)

    Yep, that is what Jeff said when I asked him about CDs
  4. brector

    Quitting music

    Yet here you are...
  5. brector

    Wintersun's Jari Mäenpää on Time II Problems

    I think they prefer the saunas over there lol
  6. brector

    Kiesel quality control

    I replied to Spoonerluv, not you.
  7. brector

    Kiesel quality control

    That you Jeff?
  8. brector

    Give me your take on locking trems.

    I used a thin toothbrush when I was a kid and thought if anyone saw how I did it, they would shoot me. Glad some is using something even more janky lol!
  9. brector

    Megadeath Megatruth?

    His other thread was deleted lol
  10. brector

    New Pink Floyd Song - Hey Hey Rise Up (proceeds go to Ukraine Humanitarian Relief)

    "Reunited" for one show. He hasn't had any input to Pink Floyd since he left
  11. brector

    I know some of you have terrible taste in music

    Wait until you find out the OP is one of them
  12. brector

    New Jason Richardson Single

    Apparently a stick tossing machine
  13. brector

    Zakk Wylde's gonna make Dimebag signature guitars?

    If you read the articles, they say "down to" and "open to", nothing in stone yet
  14. brector

    7 string guitars for beginners

    Gotta get that post count up!
  15. brector

    Meshuggah Megamushthread!!

    This is why I ripped all my CDs as lossless to my NAS. Same quality, instant access, playlists, etc. I miss the art, etc. as well. It's why I purchase vinyl for the bands I care about
  16. brector

    Meshuggah Megamushthread!!

    And you are the exception, not the rule
  17. brector

    Musician friendly jobs

    You need to get your certs before you apply for what you are going for. You also need to figure out what you want to do now, not once you just find an IT job. The good thing about IT is, once in the door with a good company, you should be able to move into what you like. In my experience (I have...
  18. brector

    Every Time I Die is done

    Can't like this post enough. When I got sober, my wife said it was like living with a different person for the first 1.5 to 2 years
  19. brector

    Music like this...

    Check out his other stuff also, I loved The Haunting of Hill House