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  1. TedEH

    Anyone actively Invest?

    This. Although I'm willing to say Bitcoin is bad in some ways. The volatility is bad - it's worked out so far, but that precedent doesn't mean anything for the future. The electricity burned is bad. The lack of safety nets is bad. The 'decentralization' of it I think merits debate, but...
  2. TedEH

    Anyone actively Invest?

    Compared to how most people transfer data around the internet, yeah, I'd call it niche. It has it's special case uses, but most internet usage by average/casual users is video streaming, social media, and basic searches. This line taken on it's own, out of context, should be terrifying, IMO...
  3. TedEH

    Anyone actively Invest?

    And yet you've debunked none of it. If it's easy, then please do. The very simple point that something can't be your basic every-day currency and also a viable investment at the same time is an understandable concept even to someone like me who has no particular financial education. I am...
  4. TedEH

    Unhealthy to Skip lunch?

    Super tangential, but sort of relevant - a friend of mine is convinced that when she dies, she'll need to have printed on her grave stone: "I'd like a second opinion". We've spent a good amount of time in hospitals etc. in the last couple of years, and health is just as susceptible as any...
  5. TedEH

    Canadian Politics

    I never really understood the whole "protect the culture" angle either. It reads to me the same way as when people say "replacement". It feels like a clear signal that there are certain kinds of people who are unwelcome. It's like that comment I made in another thread, it's all just more...
  6. TedEH

    Anyone actively Invest?

    I feel like the fact that you have to study up and "be on the inside" to "get" bitcoin (and whatever other crypto) should be enough of a red flag in itself. Something that takes this much effort to "get" is never going to catch on enough to replace traditional currencies - especially while it...
  7. TedEH

    Canadian Politics

    I meant Montreal in particular, but same idea I guess. I've tried to work on my French before, and it just doesn't stick. It's not like learning a couple o' random words/facts then you're good to go - learning a language is a huge challenge. I've been a Quebecer for 30 years, it's not an...
  8. TedEH

    Canadian Politics

    Not gonna lie, that legitimately worries me given that I just took a new job headquartered in Quebec.
  9. TedEH

    The First World Problem Thread...Voice Your Struggle

    A storm ripped through and killed the power here for almost 24hrs, so everything in my freezer defrosted, and now I have to cook everything. I didn't lose anything, but it's just inconvenient.
  10. TedEH

    Covid 19/Coronavirus

    Success on Youtube is about being charismatic, which Russel Brand is. If there's anything I know, it's that you don't need to be correct to be on the internet.
  11. TedEH

    Covid 19/Coronavirus

    You know what I don't understand? If the globalists are all baby-blood drinking lizard people - how come we don't have any non-elite lizard people? Where's the lizard-peasants?
  12. TedEH

    Covid 19/Coronavirus

    The word you're looking for is pigeonhole. No, because it's quackery. *a pandemic ravages the planet "Hey, maybe we should be prepared for-" "NO IT"S A GLOBALIST AGENDA THEY'RE GOING TO OVERRIDE THE GOVERNMENTS AND ENSLAVE US ALL DEMOCRACY IS DEAD FREEEEEEEEEDOM"
  13. TedEH

    Mesa Triple Crown 50 vs Badlander 50

    I know someone who just got a Badlander 50 and it sounds good to me. Kinda like taking a recto and tightening it up a whole lot, a little more in the vein of a Mark series but without the same barky midrange. I didn't get to hear the clean channel, but IMO Mesa has been doing good things with...
  14. TedEH

    Covid 19/Coronavirus

    It kinda feels like people around here have gone full "it's over now" mode. Mostly because I went to get some groceries, saw a guy with no mask in the store, was ready to be mad at that guy, then noticed I was the only one who still had one. Apparently the requirement went away on the weekend...
  15. TedEH

    Covid 19/Coronavirus

    Wait, there's another booster?
  16. TedEH

    Wintersun's Jari Mäenpää on Time II Problems

    I'm excited for the 10 year anniversary of Time II being almost done.
  17. TedEH

    What game are you playing?

    Haven't stopped by this thread in a while - I never finished Bayonetta yet, but I ended up grabbing Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and have been poking at that one just because it's such a light-hearted and admittedly-easy time that it works well as a mostly mindless de-stressor. People like to...
  18. TedEH

    Great looking amp heads?

    It kinda looks like a car dash with too many aftermarket radios jammed into it.
  19. TedEH

    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    Anyone can? Maybe. Anyone can do it well? ....not so much.
  20. TedEH

    "Not Worth its own thread" Thread

    There are two user accounts here that start with "Rev" and I was, as the kids say, "today years old", when it registered to me that they aren't the same account.