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  1. Grindspine

    Tuners for Large Strings

    Nah, that super high tension is necessary for Stevie Ray Vaughn tone. The 90 is on the high E string, right?
  2. Grindspine

    i do too much in life to get good :(

    Same boat here, 43, work full-time and life gets in the way. However, if you are sad about it, just go pick up the guitar. I am at a point in life where I have a home studio room. I do not play guitar every day (mostly due to work-related shoulder pain), but I have six guitars and a bass...
  3. Grindspine

    Unhealthy to Skip lunch?

    I hate to say this, but scientifically and certifiably are very variable. There are so-called experts who will attest that one is automatically unhealthy unless they eat a big breakfast and wake early in the day. Even among registered dieticians, not all opinions are agreed upon. On my note...
  4. Grindspine

    Unhealthy to Skip lunch?

    Screw asking a doctor about it. If you feel healthier eating twice a day, stick with it. Asking a doctor will be a waste of time on this question unless you are having some type of side effects, such as malnutrition or low blood sugar. Both of those, however, would have some symptoms. So...
  5. Grindspine

    Is it time to get new tubes?

    Two of the tubes are the rectifier tubes on the left of the picture. The power tubes are the glowing ones. As said above, it does not sound like a tube issue. Edit: Actually is that a dual rec? The tubes on the left look like they say Mesa 5U4GB, which are rectifier tubes. The other tubes...
  6. Grindspine

    Need opinions - my 2nd guitarist won't use any other amp than...

    Did someone say "DooM"? Oh, wait, you said dOOm... my bad.
  7. Grindspine

    Need opinions - my 2nd guitarist won't use any other amp than...

    WTF? I have heard about 432 being sympathetic with the universe or some hippie new age b.s, which is of course, arbitrary. But nazis using that frequency to cut us off from the universe. That is a new one to me.
  8. Grindspine

    Drum machine for 90s metal

    Get EZ Drummer, pick a couple of EZX drum libraries (anything from black metal, death metal, and drums of destruction to dream pop for synthy drum sounds), then hook up an Akai MPD 218 drum pad. At least, that's what I do for the same type of stuff you are wanting to do. I remember wanting a...
  9. Grindspine

    Chocolate thunder from down under

    ...although most hatch with only four.
  10. Grindspine

    Chocolate thunder from down under

    Did you know that crocodiles can grow over ten feet?
  11. Grindspine

    which ibanez would u buy tonight?

    At those prices, getting both and selling one off seems reasonable.
  12. Grindspine

    Need opinions - my 2nd guitarist won't use any other amp than...

    The BV300 was a guitar amp. Even though it was made with Ampeg parts, the preamp voicing was aggressive guitar.
  13. Grindspine

    Returning to skateboarding after 23 years.

    As long as you are doing something, it's all good! I mostly used my board to skate around when I lived in a college town. I would skate out to the nearest grocery store for a snack and such. My tricks never got much beyond ollies, and those were only enough to get over small debris in the road.
  14. Grindspine

    bestest-ish drum software 2022?

    Although EZ Drummer and Superior Drummer share some sample libraries, Superior drummer goes way deeper into customizing sounds. EZ Drummer is recording friendly while Superior Drummer gives you raw sounds, ambient mic samples, & more overall options. Using the raw sounds, the expectation is...
  15. Grindspine

    Returning to skateboarding after 23 years.

    I had to take my car to the shop to replace suspension today. That shop happens to be on the other side of a long walking trail through my town, so I grabbed my board as my ride back. Since moving to this city, I have only been on my board maybe three times in the last three years. It is nice...
  16. Grindspine

    Limited run guitars, are you ok with the concept or not?

    That is a perfect example. My RGD in neon purple was from one of the Axe Palace limited runs. From a guitar selling perspective, it is a great way for a shop like that to get noticed. Frankly, I used to live pretty close to Sweetwater and a Guitar Center. After the smaller mom & pop stores...
  17. Grindspine

    Which EZ Drummer expansions would you recommend for Death Metal?

    Superior Drummer has all of the ambient mic samples and a lot more dry sampling. EZ Drummer is going to have more recording ready sounds. Superior Drummer is more when you want to run the drum bus through your own outboard gear along with having complete control over each sample. I mostly use...
  18. Grindspine

    Need opinions - my 2nd guitarist won't use any other amp than...

    As stated, I have my old '94 Crate GX212+ in the back corner of my home studio. The speakers were replaced with Celestion G12H-80s. I have a Dunlop Volume X mini on the effects insert because the volume knob has always had that one spot where it jumps. I can get half-okay cleans if I use my...
  19. Grindspine

    Need opinions - my 2nd guitarist won't use any other amp than...

    So, I recall bands like Prong, Death, and even At the Gates using some very very shitty amps back in the day, yet with some studio work, the albums sounded epic. I mean, Slaughter of the Soul ... If epic tone can come from shite gear, go with it. It sounds like reliability is less of a...

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