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  1. Dcm81

    Medical people: your thoughts?

    I too, find that the Dr. is in the right. It's the damned EMERGENCY room, not the boo-boo room. And if people start getting repramanded or worse because of a lack of politeness and rightfully getting pissed by ignorance then I see a massive wave of unemployment in the near future. So they go to...
  2. Dcm81

    Mishas Sig?

    I believe so......feels like it might have been that long ago by now but my memory is shit, so we might just have to wait another year for the end result..
  3. Dcm81

    Vandermejj guitars

    For €3600 it's yours from the "in stock" section
  4. Dcm81

    Mishas Sig?

    Whatever happened to that kid that wanted a lefty version from the custom shop for some astronomical sum because lefties weren't available and "Best guitar ever. Will change my life! And my playing blah, blah...." Anyone remeber that and know what came of it?
  5. Dcm81

    Fast Guitars Orion 9 Run 2018

    A couple strips of plastic as laminates in a neck aren't going to reduce the weight by any substantial amount.........sounds like a troll.
  6. Dcm81

    Fast Guitars Orion 9 Run 2018

    2 questions: Is that bridge base made of metal? In the pic it looks like some kind of plastic. What are those 2 holes in the 21st fret?
  7. Dcm81

    iPad interface recommendations?

    Could this work for you? I also heard the line 6 interface for iOS is pretty good for the price...."Line 6 Sonic Port"
  8. Dcm81

    Question regarding Keith Merrow Fishman set

    Maybe @DIOBOLIC5150 has some up-to-date info on it....
  9. Dcm81

    Would You 10 String?

    No sir, I would not "fvcks" with this.......probably couldn't even if I wanted to.
  10. Dcm81

    Mishas Sig?

    Eh, not the best'll probably be much better :lol:
  11. Dcm81

    Ibanez fixed bridge replacement

    WTF?!? That is more than just silly! I didn't even bother looking through as they have 4 pages of them I assumed ALL saddles would be there....
  12. Dcm81

    Ibanez fixed bridge replacement

    As you're in Germany give this a shot:
  13. Dcm81

    Best guitar shapes for classical position (and what companies make 7 strings of them)

    Exactly this! That's why the Strandberg shape is perfect for the classical position. Basically any guitar where that area is more accommodating to the shape of your leg, instead of the exact opposite like, say a super strat shape. But if it is rounded like a strat etc., then at least remove the...
  14. Dcm81

    Has Anyone Else Heard Of This Signature ESP Star?

    There's different comments under different pics. This one for example: "Stu Marshall wrote 5 years ago I am an esp endorser. it was custom built from Japan. its amazing. I really hope it goes into production" ....probably just never did.
  15. Dcm81

    Luke Hoskin from Protest The Hero has a signature Ibanez RG coming up

    But IF you do get a good premium, like I was lucky enough to, the frets are flawless. And those fret ends :yum:
  16. Dcm81

    Javier Reyes got a Claas.. savagery ensued

    Wow......just....yeah, best just shoot me now :facepalm: About as much attention to detail as some of those guitars!
  17. Dcm81

    Javier Reyes got a Claas.. savagery ensued

    I was referring to the "straight bridge" part and my uncertainty if that's really the part that matters on a multi-scale....basically fishing for a confirmation or correction ;)
  18. Dcm81

    Javier Reyes got a Claas.. savagery ensued

    Aren't the saddles the critical part on a multiscale, with the end piece being more equivalent to the stop tail on a TOM? Just like the lucking nut part being straight and the multiscale feature relying on a slanted nut or zero-fret......or am I way off base here?
  19. Dcm81

    Avicii has passed away at 28 years old

    It was suicide, by glass shard
  20. Dcm81

    Favourite Fretboards?

    I was going to go for ebony because for me, the tonal characteristics of a fretboard are irrelevant so it's a purely aesthetical choice and, well, black goes with everything! But reading through this thread, it reminded me of the Parker Fly I once tried and God. Damn. those fretboards were hands...

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