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  1. WarMachine

    A very fine deal indeed!!!

    Not taking a dump on the OP, nice score. But goddamn I hate when there are loop inputs on the front of an amp. Thats a major pet peeve of mine. My valveking I had had the loop on the front like that and I hated having those extra cables poking out the front.
  2. WarMachine

    Warmachine's Video Game Remixes

  3. WarMachine

    NGD: Freebie Epiphone content

    No input on the guitar dude, i don't have any les paul's myself. But just gotta say, that's a damn good friend to give that to you lol. Good score man!
  4. WarMachine

    Warmachine's Video Game Remixes

  5. WarMachine

    Post your demos HERE! 😊

    Sure man, post them up!
  6. WarMachine

    Are we finally able to 100% cut the cables in our guitar chain?

    Oh I get it, I would just think it would kill the feel of what you're doing. I'm not saying it should be show ready, mics, mixers etc etc. But then again, I went from being a tubes or bust guy to just a strictly digital guy over the last few years haha, so there's that lol.
  7. WarMachine

    Are we finally able to 100% cut the cables in our guitar chain?

    Not true, how many times AFTER you learned to play and or got serious about guitar have you watched a video when NO ONE is plugged in? Lol this still irks me. I always said if I'd ever get to shoot a vid I'd be jamming live to the track playing back at me lol.
  8. WarMachine

    Another option for getting an excellent clean out of a 6505/5150

    Another great option is a GSP1101 run 4CM and the Control2 pedal. Bypass your amps pre, but run the clean preset through the tube power section. With the added bonus of some KILLER effects as well.
  9. WarMachine

    NGD (Fractal content)

    You can't beat a Peavey 5150 even as a power amp. I ran preamps through the return in the loop for years. Good shit. Sry fo tha derail. Carry on Fractal doodz.
  10. WarMachine

    What game are you playing?

    Diablo 2 Resurrected. As usual, late to the party lol. Overall so far i don't think its bad, worth the 25 bucks i paid for it. Im still early in to it, im on the last part of act I, going after the smithy. I think i made it to jail level 2 before i had to crash out lol. Rocking the...
  11. WarMachine

    NSD (New Stand Day)

    I'd say good luck dude if you can find a company that makes them. The materials just for this, with me starting off with literally nothing cost close to 100 bucks. As far as build time, it was fairly quick. I had it glued together in an evening. The longest part is measuring and doing it a...
  12. WarMachine

    Some guitars are too funny not to post

    Only good thing about that room is the Lost Boys poster on the wall.
  13. WarMachine

    Some guitars are too funny not to post

    When the guys from the hills have eyes take up guitar builds
  14. WarMachine

    Great looking amp heads?

    Sad thing is, i'd take this 3070 over the amp :lol:
  15. WarMachine

    bestest-ish drum software 2022?

    Have you checked out Naughty Seal Perfect Drums? You don't get all the bells and whistles that you do with EZD/SD, but what you do get is a wicked sounding set of kits. IMO the drums sound a lot meaner and meatier than any EZX kits i've ever tried. Not to say they are bad by any means, but...
  16. WarMachine

    Need opinions - my 2nd guitarist won't use any other amp than...

    Is he a long time member or just joining? If it's the ladder, I'd tell him get your shit matched or gtfo at this point. It's already been brought up and he's basically just saying fuck you I do it my way. Then again, this could be the reason why I currently don't have a band :lol: But...
  17. WarMachine

    What tunings do you use?

    No 7 bangers for me either lol. C# standard Drop B Drop Bb Drop A That 'tis all.
  18. WarMachine

    Speaker recommendations for metal rig?

    Experimenting with lots of IRs will give you a better idea of what to try out. V30s for the typical "metal" sound. If you want something a little different, try out some greenbacks.
  19. WarMachine

    Brighter modern speaker to pair with a swamp thang?

    Beat me to it by seconds dude.

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