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  1. Dabo Fett

    The Deftones are breaking my heart...

    I feel like we have to insert the Jack Sparrow line here-“ but you HAVE seen them…”
  2. Dabo Fett

    New Metal Music Thread

    Reverse headstock 7 string destroyer? Sign me the hell up
  3. Dabo Fett

    Kali monitors making everything sound too good?

    Well the issue is that there doesn’t seem to be a consistent problem. If they sounded to thin in the car and in headphones, I’d get it. But the mixes tend to sound too thick and low endish in the car (most likely in the 50-100hz) area and then still too thin in headphones (but think as in...
  4. Dabo Fett

    Kali monitors making everything sound too good?

    So I have a pair of Kali LP-6's and I love how big and massive my mixes sound in these. However, when I bring them down to my DT880 headphones they end up sounding very bright and middy, meanwhile in my car its nothing but overpowering kick drums. I cant seem to get a consistent mix across all...
  5. Dabo Fett

    New Metal Music Thread

    Stars Above the Citadel by my instrumental project Gravity Thieves. Working on getting a play through of the riffs done, and working on finishing the rest of the mixing. In total there's 8 songs, some a bit doomier and sludgey-ier than this but if your a fan of Russian Circles, Pelican, etc you...
  6. Dabo Fett

    Aluminum Necks?

    So I've wanted a EGC guitar for a long time, ever since I saw Brent Hinds' original V model. Add on the King Buzzo and follow that up with watching too many Idles and Russian Circles/Sumac live performances, and now I REALLY want one. I know there's potential issues with tuning stability right...
  7. Dabo Fett

    Stars Above the Citadel - Instrumental Post Metal - first "real" mix I've done, hows it sound?

    Title says it all, Gravity Thieves is my instrumental solo project that bridges some post metal, sludge, doom and other fuzzy, jammy genres into a big spiraling bunch of nonsense. That said, its the first time I've really put money and really tried to get the best tones and mix possible (ironic...
  8. Dabo Fett

    What plug in saved your life?

    I’d say the quality of my mixes has increased tremendously once I caved and bought the fab filter pro q. I figured eq is eq, but once I got it the piano roll, the dynamic eq settings, the ability to see other tracks and their overlaps, basically just all the quality of life improvements ended up...
  9. Dabo Fett

    Would you choose a 22 fret guitar as your main 7?

    Although my 2 7s are both 24 fret, all my favorite 6s tend to be 22 frets. I don’t play up that high too often so honestly it just comes down to whatever the guitar has. With the exception of a prs custom, not a ton of guitars come in both 22 and 24 fret so whatever it is, it is
  10. Dabo Fett

    Bandcamp Friday thread?

    Figured it could be cool to have all of post links to their bandcamps before epic steals all the money A few of my releases are name your own price, please don’t pay for them. Donate the money to where ever you think needs it the most and listen to some jams at the same time...
  11. Dabo Fett

    Mixing Feedback-Instrumental Post Metal/Rock, all done in the box

    Low end could be an issue, I’m struggling to get the bass tone to come through clearly without neutering the low end of the guitar For drums it’s certainly compressed, and there’s compression (but no limiting) in the master. I think the drums are too low in the mix so they’re not hitting the...
  12. Dabo Fett

    Mixing Feedback-Instrumental Post Metal/Rock, all done in the box

    Looking to get some feedback on my latest mix as I get ready to fix an entire album of similar music. I can attest that the mix sounds full, dynamic, super detailed on my Kali monitors but I wanted to get feed back from others using other systems, where can I improve? Drums are all Ez Drummer...
  13. Dabo Fett

    SSO Spotify Playlist?

    Sorry for the delay but all requests added, up to almost 2 hours of music all from different member of SSO. Pretty damn cool to hear!
  14. Dabo Fett

    SSO Spotify Playlist?

    All requests added we’re certainly getting ourself a good list and mix of styles here. It’s awesome finding new bands to check out this way!
  15. Dabo Fett

    SSO Spotify Playlist?

    Awesome! added everyone who posted so far, we're up to about 13 songs and just over an hour of music, some pretty badass riffs on here!
  16. Dabo Fett

    Every Time I Die is done

    yeah what looks to be a confidential c&d, not a great move this really sucks, ETID have been my favorite band for the the better part of 20 years, I’ve seen them more times than I can remember and still want to see them one more time. Bummer
  17. Dabo Fett

    NGD: you guys like MIJ guitars and cherry blossoms?

    Beautiful top! Wouldn’t have even known it was a refinish!
  18. Dabo Fett

    SSO Spotify Playlist? Here’s the current playlist, taking 1 song from all those who submitted. Currently it’s “not long enough” so Spotify is randomly adding songs. Keep the submissions coming! also is the Spotify app not the worst...
  19. Dabo Fett

    SSO Spotify Playlist?

    anything goes
  20. Dabo Fett

    SSO Spotify Playlist?

    I guess since there doesn’t seem to be one I could create one just drop some links down below and I’ll figure something out