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  1. Esp Griffyn

    NGD finally managed to grab one of these prestige models

    That is a really nice guitar, but you can do way better than the X2N. It's probably my least favourite Dimarzio pickup, way too hot and spikey. Unless you want a super-high output pickup, in which case you might like it.
  2. Esp Griffyn

    Anyone else not like glossy guitar necks?

    No matter how hard or how light you press on the neck, gloss will always generate more friction than a satin or oil finish. Nice attempt to try and blame it on the players though.
  3. Esp Griffyn

    Schecter Rob Scallon Signature - 8 String Fanned

    Overall, the guitar is definitely not to my taste, but it's cool to see that logo on the headstock. Takes me back!
  4. Esp Griffyn

    Anyone else not like glossy guitar necks?

    I generally have a very, very strong dislike for gloss necks. In almost all circumstances, they're a deal breaker for me. No matter how much you clean and buff them, they will always have more friction than a satin or oiled neck.
  5. Esp Griffyn

    Post Random Pics of Your 6s.

    New purchase. After playing Steve Vai songs on my EVH Frankie for a few weeks, I decided I should get an Ibanez Jem for playing Van Halen songs.
  6. Esp Griffyn

    Boutique builders a la Tom Anderson/Suhr/Vigier etc that will do more pointy/extreme shapes?

    Patrice Vigier is retiring and isn't taking new orders. Once the build queue is cleared, that is likely to be it for Vigier Guitars as there doesn't seem to be any sort of handover in place for Patrice when he leaves. I spoke to Vigier's customer services to locate Shawn Lane models that had...
  7. Esp Griffyn

    Boutique builders a la Tom Anderson/Suhr/Vigier etc that will do more pointy/extreme shapes?

    What did you think of the Vigiers? I've order the last matte alder finish Shawn Lane Excalibur that will ever be built and I can't wait to get it. I've never played a Vigier before but I expect the quality to be excellent.
  8. Esp Griffyn

    Post Random Pics of Your 6s.

    I just can't get enough of this guitar. Despite being a fraction of the cost of some stuff I've owned, it is as good as anything I've ever played. It feels and sounds superb.
  9. Esp Griffyn

    Dive-only Floyd Going Sharp

    Thanks guys, I had thought the nut would be the next thing to check. I'll probably sandpaper the locking pads and change over to Elixirs, hopefully I can get it dialled in just right.
  10. Esp Griffyn

    Dive-only Floyd Going Sharp

    Hey guys, I've recently acquired an EVH Frankie and I absolutely love this guitar, but I have some teething issues with the Floyd that I need to get over before I can use it absolutely as Eddie intended. The guitar has a Floyd Rose bridge and a D-Tuna on the low E string. For now, I'm not even...
  11. Esp Griffyn

    What tunings do you use?

    My EVH Frankie is in E standard, but it does have a D-Tuna so it can go to drop D and back in an instant. My Ibanez K-7 is in B standard, but I might return it to the factory A standard one of these days.
  12. Esp Griffyn

    Trevor Strnad dead at 41

    Weirdly , Metal Injection posted an article 3 days saying he had died, but the page doesn't load. I wonder if someone leaked the news to them and they took the page down but it was still indexed by Google.
  13. Esp Griffyn

    Trevor Strnad dead at 41

    So sad. One of my favourite metal vocalists.
  14. Esp Griffyn

    New Polyphia Single - Playing God

    Using nylon strings doesn't stop it sounding super-played out to me. They seem to have got stuck in one gear. I get it, the trap-hop with harmonics is their "thing" that sets them apart somewhat, but it sounds tired now.
  15. Esp Griffyn

    Welcome home to me (EVH content)

    A week on and holy shit, I love this guitar. I've never had a guitar that made me sound as good as this one does. It just feels so effortless to play. Perhaps the few years playing bass guitar was what I needed, because strapping on an electric guitar now feels like a toy, the strings are so...
  16. Esp Griffyn

    Unlock Your True Power! Pick holding technique!

    The two things that are really making the difference in the video are A) not allowing too big a portion of pick to extend between your finger and thumb and B) angling the pick into the direction of travel, AKA pick-slanting. You don't need to rotate the pick around to reach another corner in...
  17. Esp Griffyn

    Terrible looking combo amps?

    These things remind of the generic, crackly, half-busted amp that every high school music room has in a damp closet somewhere.
  18. Esp Griffyn

    NPD: HXFX Is legit

    I picked up a Line 6 HX Effects yesterday and I am pretty blown away by it in general. I need to do some fiddling to figure out how to get the reverbs to sound how I want (it seems like many of them have a sort of slapback that duplicates the note played after a short delay, rather than simply...
  19. Esp Griffyn

    Dang... EVH Wolfgang's went up in price...

    Funnily enough, I tried opening the link on my PC - it works here and takes me to the EVH guitar, but when I click it on my phone it takes me the Guthrie sig. I think it might be something to do with Musiciansfriend - iirc, they refused to comply with EU data protection laws and blocked access...
  20. Esp Griffyn

    Terrible looking amp heads?

    I like the Peavey XXX, but it does seem like the kind of thing that a blue-haired, genderfluid Overwatch streamer would call "problematic", so I can see how it's unfashionable these days. My vote for an ugly amp goes to the Marshall Mode Four, Marshall's attempt to make a nu metal amp that...