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  1. Hollowway

    Bass VI or Floyd strat with conversion neck? (aka, how good is the trem?)

    So, I want to mess around with a bass vi. But, I know nothing about the trem on those things. Especially if I get a cheap (sub $1000) model. The other alternative is to buy a guitar with a Floyd that has a strat neck heel, and swap in a conversion neck. So: Anyone have a bass vi with the...
  2. Hollowway

    How do you feel about Focusrite?

    Yeah, that's true. If I look at it through cynical eyes, I'd say that the company (any company) is looking for these things for marketing purposes so they can drive sales. But if I am more of an optimist, I'd think that the company genuinely wants to make sure it's marketing comes across as...
  3. Hollowway

    Double cat people

    Nothing to add here, but are you cool if I use your thread title as my next band name? We’re gonna open for Animals as Leaders.
  4. Hollowway

    How do you feel about Focusrite?

    Damn, you guys are salty! I don’t own anything Focusrite, but I’m just about to buy a 2i2, so I dipped into this thread. I think it’s totally justified for a brand to ask if they think they’re being inclusive of everyone, and to ask how people feel about the brand, just to get an idea of how...
  5. Hollowway

    Unhealthy to Skip lunch?

    I can’t speak for what is good or bad for you, but I usually have a super small lunch (like a handful of almonds) or skip lunch entirely. I essentially just eat dinner, and that’s it. No breakfast, and no snacking.
  6. Hollowway

    Schecter Rob Scallon Signature - 8 String Fanned

    Curious why when multiscales have 2 pickups with the same angle that they always choose the neck pickup angle. IMO it would make more sense (aka sound better) if both pickups were angle to match the bridge, rather than both to match the neck. Pretty much totally off topic, but I feel better...
  7. Hollowway

    Aristides Guitars

    Anything fancy, spec-wise? And what color?
  8. Hollowway

    NGD: B(owes)RJ back from the dead

    Yep. I remember when it started originally it was something like 15 instruments, 5 sixxers, 5 sevens, and 5 eights. I had already ordered my first ever custom, a few months earlier, (an 8 string Jekyll, through Nick at Axe Palace), so the idea of getting one of these at half price was...
  9. Hollowway

    Some guitars are too funny not to post

    I stared at it for a couple seconds waiting for the image to fully load before I realized it actually looked like that, lol
  10. Hollowway

    Need opinions - my 2nd guitarist won't use any other amp than...

    How about instead of 449 or 432, we do 420, amirite?
  11. Hollowway

    Aristides Guitars

    I think that’s awesome customer service. Actually shocking, unfortunately, because we don’t usually get that level in these parts.
  12. Hollowway

    Badstroke Guitars

    I bought it in 2018. I’m not sure what year it was, but maybe 2017?
  13. Hollowway

    Solar 29” scale baritone!

    Have you seen the Warmoth prices recently? I tried to put together a build, and dang, it got really expensive really fast. I can do paint though, so that’s a decent part of it.
  14. Hollowway

    Some guitars are too funny not to post

    Praying mantis my ass, that’s a guitar with a built in anatomy lesson. Do they have a female version too?
  15. Hollowway

    NGD: B(owes)RJ back from the dead

    Yep. They were. I didn’t actually dig the Tuzzia as much as the Fryette 50CL I got around the same time, though. It seemed considerably looser, so I’d probably have liked the FBM or whatever the other DAR was called.
  16. Hollowway

    Aristides Guitars

    Whoa. I didn’t know there might be Fluence 8 string singles. I love singles on low tuned instruments. I’ll be on the lookout for that!
  17. Hollowway

    NGD: B(owes)RJ back from the dead

    Yep. DAR has a Tuzzia I sent them (him) for a switch repair (after buying it used from another forum member). He still has it. He doesn’t seem to care at all about making things right with everyone (after having talking with him on and off for years). And @guitar_player4_2_0 I can’t...
  18. Hollowway

    SevenString Software Upgrade

    @NickS ’s post actually reminded me of Sky High, with the not-so-useful superpowers of the sidekicks. I’ll be Forum Seer Boy. If only I’d picked a financial forum, like Biff would have!
  19. Hollowway

    Some memes for (Rules Posted in OP -- Please Read)

    This is actually genius. I can remember a ridiculous number of Ibby model names. Password problem solved!
  20. Hollowway

    SevenString Software Upgrade

    Almost a monkey paw thing. Or the world’s lamest sidekick superpower.