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  1. Thrashman

    NGD LTD Jeff Ling JL-600

    So what makes this a signature guitar when it's literally just the LTD version of an ESP M-II?
  2. Thrashman

    Finalising Specs on my Custom Balaguer, Opinions Welcome!

    Switching between tunings on an evertune equipped guitar? Boy do I have some bad news for you..
  3. Thrashman

    Anything weird about this fretboard?

    Definitely rolled fretboard edges like said previously! Old 60-70's guitars sometimes also have fretboards that look similar to this but from actual playing wear.
  4. Thrashman

    Help identifying an Ltd

    switch location looks off and no model number on fret 12. fake.
  5. Thrashman

    NGD: Jackson Misha Mansoor Custom Shop in Laguna Seca Blue

    There is no string spacing issue. The neck is just slightly misaligned/tilted towards the treble side. Easy fix by taking the strings off, loosening the neck screws, aligning it and tightening the screws again.
  6. Thrashman

    What is wrong with my low B?

    string is too thin/you're playing too hard. If it's intonated the action doesn't matter as it's intonated for that particular string height.
  7. Thrashman

    D'Addario NYXL strings - what's the hype?

    No hype. Expensive strings that feel rough to the touch and lasts about 2 days longer than their XL range. I say this as a diehard d’addario fan who switched to Elixir Optiwebs due to them crushing everything else out there in tone and longevity.
  8. Thrashman

    Neural DSP Archetype: Tim Henson

    Bla bla bla take your shittalk elsewhere you god damn boomers.
  9. Thrashman

    To BOOST or not to BOOST?

    I've just grown accustomed to having a ts-style boost in front. It doesn't have to "boost" per se, just be there as I like that feel.
  10. Thrashman

    New Maiden is up

    I don't think OP realises that autotuning/tuning vocals is pretty much standard practise in any production OnT: Song is alright, but I'm definitely biased towards the older Maiden so my opinion is moot
  11. Thrashman

    Aristides Guitars

    I think I like that one the best, honestly. I know it's a company secret though, so I'll not talk about it outside of the AA group. :D
  12. Thrashman

    Tips for learning fast solos

    Start slow and relax more than you think. You'd be surprised at how light a touch the pro's use when playing. This allows for speed and stamina.
  13. Thrashman

    Aristides Guitars

    I'll have to make sure to specify that they measure my build using the metric system last time so I can actually play the guitar when I get it
  14. Thrashman

    Bring me the Horizons [ESP Context x2]

    Re the 87's tuning issues replace the trem springs and see if you can replace the locking blocks in the trem. There's no reason it shouldn't stay in tune after that.
  15. Thrashman

    Strandberg Standard 8 vs Kiesel Zeus Z8

    If you want quality go for Kiesel, if you need the endurneck then by all means go with .strandberg*.
  16. Thrashman

    Mesa 50 Cal +. Any good?

    The .50cal+ is one of Mesa's best amps ever made IMHO. That, the MarkIII purple stripe and the Mark IV are absolutely bonkers amps.
  17. Thrashman

    Fret leveling question ( beginner)

    Yeah, I second what my friend above me replied. Don't go cheap on precision tools such as fret rocker and leveling beam as you need things to be very precise for a good result.
  18. Thrashman

    Zuul key gimmic?

    Not quite. The clamp works like the Boss NS-2 does - it doesn't track anything through the loop, but putting pedals such as drives there helps clean up noise before the gate as you wouldn't have the drive pedal messing with the front end of the gate and the gate would clamp down on the built in...
  19. Thrashman

    Anybody else waiting 10 years for their custom guitar to be built? (Vik)

    ^ Vik Kuletski even less so, a guy who's known to cancel builds for customers that ask for an update more than once every 6 months :lol:

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