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  1. Lorcan Ward

    [NGD] Padalka Pluto 8 SC

    Happy NGD!!!! Great to hear Simon is still building and managing to get builds out.
  2. Lorcan Ward

    Your top melodeath albums?

    Melodic Death Metal is a very vague term. Many of its biggest bands don’t have a lot in common but are still lumped under the same title. The alternative is to say COB are a blackened 80s inspired neoclassical thrash death metal band while In flames isn’t half of those styles. Albums not...
  3. Lorcan Ward

    i do too much in life to get good :(

    I remember reading in a magazine “get your practice in before you’re 18 cause you won’t get that time again” and it was an eye opening moment. A lot of famous shredders said they played so much as a teenager that they didn’t need to when they were older. Music as an adult is all about...
  4. Lorcan Ward

    bestest-ish drum software 2022?

    I can run 10 tracks of amp sims, a bunch of Ample Sound Guitar and Toontrack Drums + bass plus lots of mixing plug-ins with barely using a few percent of CPU power, a Logic project loads in a few seconds but one instance of Kontakt bricks my M1 Mac. Audio stuttering, freezing, clicks, pops...
  5. Lorcan Ward

    Official Daemoness Guitars Thread

    Most artists aren’t businessmen and that’s always been what brings down boutique builders.
  6. Lorcan Ward

    Official Daemoness Guitars Thread

    Since Dylan works in batches some guitars get finished quicker. There was a good 6 months between some when I ordered, so someone who ordered after me got their guitar before mine. Wether our of luck, had all the hardware ready or took his interest more. I could see how that looks like skipping...
  7. Lorcan Ward

    bestest-ish drum software 2022?

    Superior Drummer 3 will you give you the most options for editing the sound. There’s endless expansion packs being released every year. I got Mixwave Gojira. I liked it at first but Kontakt is a disaster on M1 Macs so I’ve leaned back into Toontrack with blending some of Mixwave pieces over...
  8. Lorcan Ward

    Wintersun's Jari Mäenpää on Time II Problems

    Album booklets wrote by George RR Martin
  9. Lorcan Ward

    New Polyphia Single - Playing God

    Looks and sounds legit. Set the video to 50% and it all lines up with slides and string noise, it doesn't have chords ringing out when fingers are lifted or midi sampled runs which is the give away. This kind of guitar style is mostly mimed/faked on IG but Tim is the real deal. He has to play...
  10. Lorcan Ward

    Blind Guardian watched Evangelion (oh and is releasing a new album)

    7 years since they released their last studio album as a band. I haven’t checked out any of the singles so I can hear the album all at once. A witcher somg is overdue. AFAIK they’ve never done a DND song(Drizzt, Elminster etc), a Harry Potter song, Kingkiller Chronicles, Stormlight or Warhammer...
  11. Lorcan Ward

    Anyone into Lorna Shore?

    ^Much better mixing this time. Songwriting is more refined too. Looking forward to Will’s vocal video.
  12. Lorcan Ward

    Solar 29” scale baritone!

    29” plus being able to use lighter strings with the evertune means you can tune way down.
  13. Lorcan Ward

    Children of Bodom/Bodom after Midnight Megathread (RIP Alexi)

    Everything I can find online makes me think that 2.5 figure is correct but the general public doesn’t have access to that info and they didn’t ask the band members directly. Albums sold well but nothing crazy like Nightwish numbers and by 2015 Janne said album sales dropped completely. A lot...
  14. Lorcan Ward

    Wintersun's Jari Mäenpää on Time II Problems

    Aether Realm are heavily influenced by Wintersun
  15. Lorcan Ward

    Children of Bodom/Bodom after Midnight Megathread (RIP Alexi)

    I thought 2.5 million sounded good but I checked In Flames passed that around 2010. Bodom have always been praised for their earlier albums so maybe albums from Blooddrunk onwards didn’t sell as much as other bands were around then. Bodom were a very successful touring band which is where the...
  16. Lorcan Ward

    Children of Bodom/Bodom after Midnight Megathread (RIP Alexi)

    Those last few years must have been very tough on everyone. Glad to see they were able to work together on merch and gave him a split.
  17. Lorcan Ward

    Wintersun's Jari Mäenpää on Time II Problems

    Winter Madness is incredible. There are so many flavours, so much decoration, the speed bursts Jari does within a bar catch your ear so much more than a straight shred section. The way it constantly peaks and drops. Breaking it down its one solo initial that reaches it peaks, then he shouts...
  18. Lorcan Ward

    Official Daemoness Guitars Thread

    There is nothing on the Daemoness Facebook or Instagram accounts about the order book being open. No posts there since December. There is a post last summer about working on a huge batch of guitars. That would have steady small batches of guitars sent off for lacquer at different times so there...
  19. Lorcan Ward

    Wintersun's Jari Mäenpää on Time II Problems

    When Teemu joined Wintersun Jari said he found a player even better than he was. Think he was 19 when he joined? He was 16 when he joined Imperanon. Insane player. Jari beats him on composition though(or at least he used to). Some of those solos on Wintersun’s debut are the best crafted solos in...
  20. Lorcan Ward

    Wintersun's Jari Mäenpää on Time II Problems

    Second time he’s gotten the boot from a band but worded a bit nicer than Kiuas did. Have Wintersun played live this year? I haven’t kept up with them in a few years.

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