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  1. troyguitar

    Floyd Rose (super)Strats with the corner shaved off the block heel

    Fender/Squier offer the rounded neck joint on a few strats now and some have Floyds. The Squier "Contemporary" models have a 12" radius, 22 bigger frets, and the rounded neck joint. The American Ultra Luxe has similar specs, plus stainless frets. Oddly the Player series doesn't have that option...
  2. troyguitar

    The Carvin / Kiesel thread

    I went Lightspeed because it's the closest thing to what I actually want: a headless Jackson RR (damn Carvin/Kiesel making the Ultra V backward!). The main thing I'm worried about is the tiny electronics cavity. I'd really prefer a 5-way switch and a tone knob, my Zeus had a ton of great tones...
  3. troyguitar

    The Carvin / Kiesel thread

    Hey dudes, I haven't been posting here in awhile in part because I've switched back to 6-string guitars for the foreseeable future, but I did just order myself a rainbow sparkle Lightspeed today after seeing that the option was brought back. I'm hoping to have it become my primary guitar for...
  4. troyguitar

    FS Kiesel Zeus 7, Agile LP7

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Kiesel Zeus 7, Agile LP7 custom Modifications (if any): see auctions Accessories (hardshell case etc): OHSC Location (City,State or City,Country): Corning, NY, USA International OK? : Yes Contact Info (No Phone #s): pm/auction References (eBay or...
  5. troyguitar

    NGD! Purple HSS content

    That looks fantastic.
  6. troyguitar

    Stainless steel frets

    Parker Fly is still the best feeling guitar I've ever played, by far... stainless frets and not much wood underneath the carbon. Aluminum bridge too IIRC. Looks like they're out of business now, I guess there weren't enough internet morons to fall for Parker's schemes since we all know that the...
  7. troyguitar

    Stainless steel frets

    If I didn't have to do my own maintenance on my guitars, I wouldn't care about having SS frets... but that's never going to happen, so I'm willing to pay extra in order to spend less time on maintenance and have the feel of freshly polished frets every single day. Why the hell so many people...
  8. troyguitar

    ESP Owners Club-Show Us Your ESPs!

    Well last week I decided to stripe up my LTD in tribute to the late great EVH. I did it with masking tape intending for it to be temporary, but now that it's on there I kind of want it to be permanent. Anyone have a good idea on how to achieve that (or how it might look if I just leave the...
  9. troyguitar

    The Eddie Van Halen Megathread: All things EVH (RIP)

    It's been a long year and this week just made it that much longer. Here's my EVH tribute from this afternoon, my first public performance in many years. It's hard to believe that he's gone but it has motivated me to get back out and play.
  10. troyguitar

    Richie Kotzen guitar collection 2020 video

    YES. The solo one in particular is one of my favorite youtube videos of all time. Winery Dogs is a little hit and miss for me but still really great overall. I haven't listened to 50/50 yet, need to get on that.
  11. troyguitar

    NGD: E-II Arrow

    That looks awesome. I miss my old RR so much and have been thinking about one of these or the LTD one in the cool purple color. Does it naturally hang in a more classical position with the headstock higher up than most "regular" guitars?
  12. troyguitar

    Vocalists you didn't like at first, but now you like them a lot

    Jon Oliva I wrote off early Savatage because I hate basically all harsh vocals, but now I do like his stuff with them and TSO. He adds juuuust enough melodic content for me to enjoy it. He's especially great on the Beethoven's Last Night TSO album.
  13. troyguitar

    Amp with max budget 500€?

    I'd be hunting for a cheap large-ish 1x12 cab, and possibly putting an aftermarket speaker in it depending on what you can find. For example I have a Peavey "112SX" that's about 19x23x11 inches and cost me all of $100 used. With an Eminence speaker in it, about $75 used, it sounds killer almost...
  14. troyguitar

    Deciding on a beater sixer, any other Input?

    I haven't played a Schecter in years but the Jackson and Ibanez stuff is pretty good right now even at the very low end. I bought a GIO RG last year and played a friend's JS22, both played fine with minimal setup work needed. The GIO needed 5 minutes filing some sharp fret ends, the Jackson...
  15. troyguitar

    NGD: LTD M-1 Custom '87

    Wow that is cool. I had no idea that they made a 24-fret neck-thru one, I'd only seen the 22 fret bolt-on models. I might have to get one of those next since my M-50FR has turned out great.
  16. troyguitar

    ESP Owners Club-Show Us Your ESPs!

    So I finished installing all of my little accessories on my new "main" guitar and I really like this thing, it's been almost 10 years since I really played a 6-string. Besides the obvious colored plastics, I added Dragonfire pickups (they're fine, nothing special) and OFR fine tuner bolts...
  17. troyguitar

    Anyone else can't play like they use to be able to?

    I didn't even start playing anything until I was 19 and have never been very good, so no not really. I'm better now than I ever have been though, so there's that... The idea of having anything come easily to me sounds like a dream. If I want to figure out a song, I must have it transcribed into...
  18. troyguitar

    Guitars made of oak?

    I used red oak from Home Depot for the couple of guitars that I built and it seemed fine. I only used an oil finish though.
  19. troyguitar

    Now is the time to lowball

    This is why I list my stuff on ebay. $1 starting bid, no reserve, buyer pays actual shipping cost. Want to negotiate? Negotiate with the other bidders, not me.

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