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  1. Konfyouzd

    NGD: Charvel Nova 7

    I honestly may sell them. None of my other guitars would look good with them I don’t think.
  2. Konfyouzd

    NGD: Charvel Nova 7

    I went with the same pickups. I initially thought I was going to find an Air Norton in the bridge. Another cool thing about this guitar is that the stock pickups come with the PCB style installation so--had I known that--I could have avoided some soidering. I usually snip them in the control...
  3. Konfyouzd

    NGD: RG7620

    That happens to me all the time and it makes me sad.
  4. Konfyouzd

    Best 7 String Around $1000

    They make a KM7 w a Floyd and sustainiac. Might find one used for close to $1000
  5. Konfyouzd

    NGD: Charvel Nova 7

    I always thought the blaze custom sounded a bit more similar to the 6 string TZ. I’d avoided the TZ7 altogether for years bc it got terrible reviews here. It’s definitely different sounding but I was expecting a much worse experience.
  6. Konfyouzd

    NGD: Charvel Nova 7

    Here it is with the new pickups
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  9. Konfyouzd

    NGD: Charvel Nova 7

    I swapped my pickups. The gold bobbins just weren’t for me but I’ve seen it posted a few times asking if it’s a TZ7/AN7 or 2 AN7s. Some of the earlier ones I saw ppl did actually get 2 ANs but mine actually had a Tone Zone in the bridge. It is a nice sounding pickup. Not muddy like I’ve...
  10. Konfyouzd

    What color should I choose?

    I got the black one. I pretty much immediately yanked out the electronics and replaced them with Nordstrand Big Splits wired VVT. Knobs are gummy bears bc gummy bears are the shit.
  11. Konfyouzd

    Blaze Custom in a mahogany/maple top 7? any good?

    I use the Blaze Custom in my RG8527Z and I love it. It's quite thick sounding and can get pretty aggressive depending on how you set your pickup height.
  12. Konfyouzd

    FS Orange PPC 212

    If you're looking at this, I assume you know what it is. There is a tear in the tolex that can be seen in the picture. Asking $500 firm. Prefer local transactions (Seattle/Tacoma, WA)
  13. Konfyouzd

    FS 7 String BKPs

    I have three seven string BKPs I have a calibrated Emerald set and a Cold Sweat (bridge). I don't know which of the bridge pickups is which at the moment but if someone knows how to check it with a multi-meter I can give that a try and find out. Asking $350 for the lot or $125 each. Will...
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  18. Konfyouzd

    FS /FT Mesa Rectoverb 50 (Orange Tolex)

    Looking to sell or trade my Series 2 Rectoverb 50. Footswitch included. Prefer local exchanges only in the Seattle / Tacoma WA area. I can take more pics if needed. Looking for $900 OBO
  19. Konfyouzd

    NGD Universe Green Burst.

    I need one