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    NGD: Kiesel DC600

    Think it's one of the best looking Kiesels I've seen - super classy! Congrats!
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    Yeah these went from gloss to satin over the years - if you happen not liking how the gloss neck feels...DM me, might solve that burden :shred:
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    Thinking about migration...

    I could suggest branching out to support for EAEU/CIS countries serialization roll-outs. That's hell, and an uncomprehensible mess for people without the cultural background. I am lucky enough, a guy from my team is Kazakh :lol:
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    New LTD Models: 2022 edition

    Well, if you're fine with the Super Wizard neck, few guitars are "better" than a RG652 - great choice! (persoanlly, I still give ESP the edge, but loved my 652)
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    ESP Owners Club-Show Us Your ESPs!

    Found out this evening that I live just around the corner from the European distributor for ESP - think I'll just start houding them for discounts until I get a court restriction order :lol:
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    Why are you mad right now?

    Sorry man - hope you get another gig ASAP!
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    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    Well, guys, I am EXACTLY the guy in THAT position: moved up to manage a team, finding it sometimes hard to match what the team need and what the upper bosses want (project management team for IT projects). BTW, I'm hiring, so if anyone likes Germany, HMU :lol: (and I'm not really joking, I...
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    NGD: Ich bin ein Berliner

    Considering how much time I DON'T have these days, it might actually be a great idea :lol:
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    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    Goodness gracious thing is HOTTTTTTTTTTT
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    NGD: It's an LP and what an LP

    Man, for a sec thought this was a TGP thread... Thing looks unbelievable, that top seems molten lava - amazing!
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    Thing is sick!
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    ITT we post cool/beautiful/rare Ibanez S models

    An S was my 1st guitar, I need to go for one again! RG might "look" blocky, but the carves are some of the best in the industry (IME) and make it "disappear" while you play.
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    NGD: Ich bin ein Berliner

    That's actually a cool idea! I'll send them a message and propose it. Consider I've never done something like this and have an absolutely shitty phone/camera :lol: but I can surely try!
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    NGD: Meinzinger Headless 7-String Revenant

    Me likes, A LOT!
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    Best ULTRA PORTABLE amp options ie pocket/very small backpack sized.

    Mooer 005 preamp pedal with the biggest powered speaker you can bring
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    Where to buy used gear in Europe?

    I actually think the British market is by quite a significant margin the best in Europe, and it's one of my reasons to be bummed about Brexit: we already had it bad with the exchange rate to the pound, but having VAT added on top just kills any deal.
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    Fender American Utlra Stratocaster... thoughts?

    Spec wise, looks baller
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    New Michael Romeo War of the Worlds pt.2

    I have a reasonably similar right hand approach (for picking, not for tapping) and i think some of it comes from hands' size especially if you prefer to anchor the pinky (I have smaller hands than MR, though . and about 1/28 of the prowess and musicality),
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    Traveling to Paris

    Go for a cheese tasting experience.