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  1. Kullerbytta

    Guitar sounds like static garbage (Possible input jack problem?)

    Hi everyone, So I've been having some technical problems with my Ibanez RG1451 model recently. I bought it second hand 3 years ago and I've not had any problems prior to these past couple of weeks. The problem is that whatever I plug it into (I'm using a Axe FX Ultra exclusively, but I've...
  2. Kullerbytta

    Axe FX Ultra effects are all centered.

    Hi! First of all, I'm sorry if the title is worded incorrectly, I'm not sure how to describe my problem. I have an Axe FX Ultra that I've had for about two years now. I've not had any issues at all with it and I think it's such a great unit. However, I noticed that when I try to use effects...
  3. Kullerbytta

    Dark, mischievous jazz?

    Ok, I found just the type of thing I was looking for! I'z gon' share it with y'all if y'all so inclined as tah let me:
  4. Kullerbytta

    Dark, mischievous jazz?

    Thanks for all the great suggestions! I've loved everything so far, albeit not being exactly what I looked for! It's all been bookmarked! I'm really liking this kind of music... And I like that I am. I've mostly been listening to metal exclusively up until recently and this type of music is...
  5. Kullerbytta

    Dark, mischievous jazz?

    Ok, so a couple of weeks ago I was with my girlfriend at a pub and we heard this really cool, kind of dark and sexy 'jazz'-y song, although I'm not entirely sure it's actually jazz or another genre/subgenre. It wasn't slow jazz, it had some tempo to it. It was female-fronted and instrumentally...
  6. Kullerbytta

    NGD - Ibanez RG1451 (with makeover)

    So I was scouring the internet looking for a dirt-cheap HSH/HSS Ibanez with fixed bridge and 6 strings and came across the RG1451 which had it all, albeit very boring-looking to me. Rare or discontinued Ibanezes feels like they're very rare in Sweden (at least up for sale) and I figured I'd...
  7. Kullerbytta

    "Anyone happy with their setup and not constantly gear flipping?"

    I've had GAS since forever, wanting just about anything guitar-related... Guitars, amps, cabs, modelers, pedals, DAWs, interfaces... It's all gone now! I am more than content at the moment with my main axe: my Ibby RGA7, secondary axe: Fender AM Standard and my Axe FX Ultra. For once... I...
  8. Kullerbytta


    Oh my god, you did it... Had me all jealous o'er your nice, new piece of gear and now you're making me even more jealous?! HNAD! Gimme the Kemper pretty please? Or the Orthos, I don't mind either :lol:
  9. Kullerbytta

    Compressor in Axe FX (help, AxeFX-veterans!)

    Hello, people! Upon recording a little today I noticed something that I hadn't noticed before and that was that when I'm alternating between playing tremolo-picked riffs and heavily palm-muted riffs there are huge differences in volume and it's fûcking up my recordings :lol: I've not used...
  10. Kullerbytta

    Djentlemen please help me pick an amp.

    The Vypyr is in fact great for bedroom playing, regardless of whether or not it's the 15w or the 75w version. There's many tricks you can do to shape your distorted tone: When I wanted to try out a 'djent'-y preset I took the JSX model, red channel, gain turned down to about 10-11 o'clock...
  11. Kullerbytta

    Need a library change. Recommend some awesome music!

    I'm not even gonna be ashamed about recommending these: Rocky Sharpe & the Replays - BECAUSE REASOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONS The Birthday Massacre - Synth/rock/pop-ish. Sweet tunes, cute voice, atmospheric. If ya intend to check them out, start out with their album 'Violet'. MUCC - Japanese...
  12. Kullerbytta

    Ibanez RG652AHM

    Hey Kris! I've been a fan of your youtube-channel for a long time and my daughter is an even bigger fan :D Welcome to SSO, min gode herre!
  13. Kullerbytta

    Sold my Mark V heres why (lengthy)

    Sounds like you don't need our opinions on whether or not you made the right choice :D You already know, mate! You should always go with what you're feeling rather than asking for other people's opinions on gear considering opinions are all subjective :)
  14. Kullerbytta

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    My very first custom guitar! It will be from Serpentine Guitars and I am so bloody stoked :lol: I... Don't really deserve or need a custom guitar, but the gas got the better of me and Serpentine looked interesting as hell! There was always something that kept me off of purchasing a Mayones...
  15. Kullerbytta

    Official "Hot Guys of Metal, SSO Edition" Thread

    There is something about Miya from MUCC that always set off my man-crush mode... Maybe it's the fact that he's not nearly as androgynous as most other Japanese musicians out there... I'd like to give myself a +1 for posting a hot asian male that doesn't look like a female :lol: (also, I...
  16. Kullerbytta

    I want a guitar that does it all!

    My Fender American Std. Strat is versatile as hell and it's pretty much all I play these days. Upgraded the Diamonback bridge for a Seymour Duncan SH-5, blocked the tremolo (because I suck with the tremolo-bar anyway) and now it's a a real jack-o'-all-trades tuned to D standard. I love it so...
  17. Kullerbytta

    NGD - New Custom Built 26.5" - 6 String

    Both o' those are gorgeous, man! HNGD :)
  18. Kullerbytta

    Octaver pedal or plugin to replace bass?

    I know there's tons o' dudes here that's got loads o' great tips regarding pitch-shifting your guitar down a whole octave for bass tones. That's what I do, but I don't make it sound as good as the other guys here :lol: I never... Haha, learned to use plug-ins... Or rather; I never figured out...
  19. Kullerbytta

    Some memes for (Rules Posted in OP -- Please Read)

    Hahaha, oh lawd :lol: Fluff with Ola's face looks so... Oddly... Right? haha. Good stuff, lad!
  20. Kullerbytta

    SS Love and Relationships Thread

    ^ What Alberto said. Regrettably, if she's lesbian, there ain't a damn thing you can do, and that sounds harsh, but the sooner you can accept that the sooner you'll be able to move on. Keep your mind off of her and focus on other things that makes you feel good. Meet friends, play guitar...