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  4. redragon

    FS Metallica - Weed Killer and Sugar (bootleg) 2XLP

    I bought this back in 1987 and now I'm ready to let it go to fund a new guitar build. Here's the details. $150 shipped in CONUS. Front Cover by redragon posted Nov 20, 2021 at 6:36 AM
  5. redragon

    A New Uberschall (MkII) is coming

    These are like 4 grand, right?
  6. redragon

    NAD - MLC Amplification Subzero 93 - Silenoz Artist Signature LTD Edition

    Had to look up the company, they’re in Gdańsk, Poland.
  7. redragon

    Home rig with headphones

    Get a Peavey 6505 MH. Sounds great, from 1 watt to 20 and can be had for under $400 used.
  8. redragon

    Synergy Amps, Are They Worth It?

    Leon gets it when he demos gear. He always has the right guitar to get the most out of what he’s playing through.
  9. redragon

    Synergy Amps, Are They Worth It?

    I think they are expensive for what they are . They sound great, but what’s the resale going to be like down the road? Not saying it would be bad, but definitely a question versus a full-size head or combo.
  10. redragon

    Educate me a bit on the Line6 HX Stomp

    I think the processing power would be superior to what you have now.
  11. redragon

    Are guitar picks overlooked?

    Not by me, I am always trying new picks. Haven’t yet, however, found anything better than the TUSQ picks. Thin but strong for the chuggz and the leedz.
  12. redragon

    Ceriatone amps? Opinions? Suggestions?

    I think thy may be tough to come by now, supply chain woes.
  13. redragon

    Any word on the MT100?

    I wonder how many of these powerful monsters go into a cab versus a cab sim…
  14. redragon

    NGD - Blue Crackle Ormsby Metal V7

    I love that Jackson 8.
  15. redragon

    NGD: Dodgy Styling, Grenade Pins, Abalone Laden Horror.

    I dig it for the fixed bridge. I used to think the Charvel Desolation models were ridiculous with all the inlays. Then I played one. Not ridiculous.
  16. redragon

    Old ESP M-II Custom (probably)

    Where did you find it?
  17. redragon

    2021 ESP vs. Caparison?

    EII is the way to go. It’s the sweet spot for cost and quality. Cappys are nice but I prefer ESP.
  18. redragon

    NGD:Kiesel Osiris

    One of their better shapes.