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    Post Random Pics of Your 6s.

  2. Luafcm

    On a Quest for a Versatile Stoner/Doom Head

    Agree with the above that you can get your own sig doom tone from your existing gear. If you have a big solidstate poweramp, I'd pull that out too! I ran a 6505 preamp into a JC120 power amp and then into a marshall 412 and it kicked some ace. THD Hotplate made it all possible. I'm an advocate...
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    Ivanez Necks

    I had to get one of these Ivanez necks. So far I'm really digging it, not too thin, not too thick.
  4. Luafcm

    Where are you from?

    The Shwa! I'm down the street in 'Vegas (Belle-vegas!)
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    Tool announce new album, Fear Inoculum, coming August 30

    I liked tool better when they were a rock band. This song kinda drags on. It just sounds weird to me, except the part where they kinda rip off faith no more @3:15, that part is different sounding at least.
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    NAD: Katana 50

    I'm too old to properly understand the diff between brutal and br00tal or whatever, but I play some Nile lashed to the slave stick on my Katana and it sounds brutal I think. I have some laser sharp gated boosted tones for fear factory type stuff, and a really good thrash preset.
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    NAD: Katana 50

    I felt the same way man, a whole lot of bang for not much buck! Still stoked on the Katana after months of playing with it!
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    Solid State Amp As Power Amp

    I've used a POD XT Live into the insert loop of a Crate GX212 combo, worked great. POD output volume controls amp volume when you bypass the preamp, so start with the volume low. I'd take an old Peavy 212 combo over my Crate. A pair of old Peavy 112 amps would make for a cool stereo rig setup.
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    Why are you happy right now?

    Modded a Les Paul Jr DC Tribute with a Dimarzio super distorion and a Schaller signum bridge and it's a full on thrash machine. Stoked.
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    Some memes for (Rules Posted in OP -- Please Read)

    Devi Ever makes one of these haha
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    No nice sevens?

    Just had this same issue trying to find a classic ibanez 7 string for a friend. Nothing out there with specs he wanted. Sounds like he was looking for a black ibanez 7 with binding. But not an archtop, and did not like the iron labels at all. Tried a new RG7421 Walnut and it looked like total...
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    Show Me Your YouTube Channel! Let's Scratch Each Others Backs

    I think this video is old enough to drive! I stopped posting vids because so many do it so much better (and with proper gear)!
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    Solar Guitars by Ola Englund

    More gloss black please and how bout some pickup rings. Do it before it's cool again. And a version with a volume knob close coupled to the bridge pickup for proper thrashers who don't strum all over their guitars randomly hitting controls. Love the neck and headstock binding!
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    Legator at Thomann

    I had an ESP guitar that was made in Vietnam and it was very nice indeed(KH25). It's the only one I've played, but would put it up in the #2 category with Korea and Mexico.
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    Pet Peeves/Irritants/Agitations

    People. They are wrong alot. Ppl say the new 7421 is as good as the old 7321. When it clearly is a cheap pos with the corners cut to save money.
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    Favorite Distortion Pedal For Metal?

    I like to use a MT2 with the settings dialed back and boost it with a SD1. More control of the gain and noise that way. A very angry driver indeed.
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    Post Random Pics of Your 6s.

    Dig that old pickup configuration and rout job! Very cool indeed man, hopefully we see a renaissance for Jackson soon.
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    Post Random Pics of Your 6s.

    All of those graphic series guitars leave me with GAS! I remember those jigsaw guitars looked great! Those were the ones with the chicks face turning into a skull with the pieces flying away, right?
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    Dime guitar story! My buddy had a Washburn 333 slime guitar. It was huge, and a cooler item to behold then to actually play. It was sold with little use on it. The next owner didn't play it much either, left it outside in a garage to suffer the canadian seasons uninsulated. I'm going to see if...
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    Post Random Pics of Your 6s.

    THe rest! NJ Warlock LTD-EX GIbson LPJ Homemade guitar RG7321 SR500 Lado Supra