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  1. xwmucradiox

    Baritone 6 options in 2022?

    The baritone market is weird right now. Everyone wants 30" scale and super cheap so you have all these djent guys playing Danelectros and Gretsches and Squiers. I generally have to go searching for guitars from 20+ years ago to find a nice 27" scale instrument although there have been a bunch of...
  2. xwmucradiox

    N(OLD)GD- Schecter CB2000 5 String Electric Guitar “Celloblaster”

    The BC Rich ones are the actual Alex Gregory guitars. Im not sure they were ever made in production quantities. There are pictures of him with like a dozen of them though. I've been looking for an A5X for years and they just never come up. Probably kinda pointless nowadays because I could...
  3. xwmucradiox

    Rick Toone asking $1.5 Million for Tosin Abasi's guitar, "Sketch"

    The Tosin angle is the weirdest part of this listing to me. This guitar was played for one song a night on one tour years ago. It would be like taking the most famous players in history and then selling the instrument they played the least for more money than the instrument they are known for. A...
  4. xwmucradiox

    Petrucci 8 String Possibility? IT DOES EXIST!

    This is the first Majesty that has looked reasonable to me. The 6 and 7 strings always looked kinda goofy with the extreme sculpting and pointy but also curvy horns.
  5. xwmucradiox

    12 string guitar (extended range, not double course) - doable and anybody know who would make one?

    Seconded on this. Amplifying this sort of instrument in a way that makes it even worth playing would likely require a system exceeding the cost of the instrument. Its all a physics problem that at present requires throwing a large amount of money at to make it do the job. It might even require...
  6. xwmucradiox

    Ibanez k7 - what to know/look out for?

    You can still get a U bar from Ibanez if you want one. Its kind of a niche piece of hardware. Unless you're doing the Korn palm on the trem for fast vibrato thing you'll probably leave it off. I don't think there is anything specific to look out for on a K7 compared to any other early 2000s Ibanez.
  7. xwmucradiox

    An 8 string 19" scale length, fifth tuned guitar b0-b6+ range.

    You don't have to chop 25% of the scale length off to get one extra note per string. You could probably go to 23" or 22" and pull it off but range is still going to be an issue. The guy in this video has a 3/4 scale 7 string for playing 4 note per string stuff more easily. Scale length is...
  8. xwmucradiox

    New Genghis Tron !?!?

    Sawtooth, yes. Cloacal Kiss, eh. I get the Rich Lombardi connection between them and that dude sounds like an animal but Sawtooth always had vastly more interesting playing to me. Plus Jon Karel.
  9. xwmucradiox

    New Genghis Tron !?!?

    Going from programmed drums to material written with an actual drummer is a pretty dramatic difference for this band. Genghis Tron always had more realistic programmed drums than a band like Cloacal Kiss though.
  10. xwmucradiox

    All 5ths tuned baritone woes, need different gauges or setup?!

    Buzz on long-scale low-tuned heavy strings with low action is a fact of life. The excursion of the string will always be wider than the amount of space they have to vibrate, especially if you play with a heavy pick. Im a bit surprised that you say a fret rocker showed no uneven frets at all...
  11. xwmucradiox

    Jackson/Charvel Owners Club

    The necks on the Jacksons are wood.
  12. xwmucradiox

    Going from .074 to .085, is filing the nut necessary ?

    The locking nut may fit an .085 but the problem you may run into is the .029" difference between the 7th and 8th strings. The lock block won't be able to bridge that gap so you may get some rattle.
  13. xwmucradiox

    Has anyone purchased a real boutique guitar?

    The one thing I should add is I believe my guitar was one of the last ones that was on the 'custom' side even though it ended up more or less the standard kind of thing Dan is doing now. He was transitioning to a narrower range of options during that time which, for reasons I don't understand...
  14. xwmucradiox

    Has anyone purchased a real boutique guitar?

    I had an Oni 8 w/ the e scale frets and it was a masterpiece of an instrument. All the inlay, joinery, etc... was flawless in a way I have not seen from any other builder. I made a foolish decision and ordered it without fretboard inlay. DO NOT DO THIS. The way e scale works, the side dots above...
  15. xwmucradiox

    Modding my Warmoth...

    What's up with that gold flake one?
  16. xwmucradiox

    Found Out You Can Get Around Paying Sales Tax on Reverb

    Its almost like you're paying a small fee for access to a large group of potential customers looking for the exact kind of thing you want to sell. Like a service or something. Wild, right?
  17. xwmucradiox

    Dunable quietly announces an import series
  18. xwmucradiox

    NGD Warmoth Bari-caster Deluxe

    Electronics and intonation are easy so I would be extremely suspicious of someone who messes that stuff and then claims they can operate an extremely complex system like a Plek. A Plek is just a tool that requires judgement about how to proceed after taking measurements. They might have messed...
  19. xwmucradiox

    NGD Warmoth Bari-caster Deluxe

    A stock warmoth nut is going to be much too high to get proper intonation at the first few frets so you likely lowered the nut slots enough with the quick fix of using the string as a file.
  20. xwmucradiox

    NGD : Brand New Ibanez MMM1

    These are really dark guitars so def go for a brighter pickup. Dimarzio Evolution could be cool.