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  1. carcass

    Tips for going "ampless"

    i have been thinking a lot about minimizing (or maybe nano-mizing would be more appropriate to say) my bass gear and I found totay something that caught my eye (and almost bust out my left eyeball) .. I present to you Phil Jones Bas BigHead: This is suposed to be bass headphone amplifier...
  2. carcass

    NBD!!! ...(and my first post after ages)

    it took some time, but I got the specs: Neck-thru construction 34" scale lenght Mahogany body Flamed Maple top Three piece Mahogany/maple neck Padauk fingerboard 21 frets Gotoh bridge Spektrum pickups (very vintage stuff) volume-tone-pickup switch
  3. carcass

    NBD!!! ...(and my first post after ages)

    My most sincere greetings to all of my fellow sevenstring members. I would like to share my happines over the new bass I traded yesterday. It is handmade bass from one local luthier and I believe he deserve to get known, which is the reason of doing this thread to be honest ;) So first things...
  4. carcass

    NGD - 6/12

    yesterday I went for a little trip to get this beast, it is copy of BC Rich 6/12 Bich, for what I know it was also made in Korea (maybe in the same factory?) for another brand, the guitar itself is quite nice, but the hardware (especially tuners) will be replaced in time :) the price was deadly...
  5. carcass

    Recording bass (signal path)

    I have been thinking a lot about the ways to record bass lately and I came up with this signal (but I dont have all the gear to try it yet), my question is - is this too complicated? Path 1 - bass -> DI...
  6. carcass

    Interface help...which one to get?!

    i am also in the market for audio interface and I am leaning toward Roland Quad Capture, just my two cents
  7. carcass

    USB interfaces

    and what about Roland Duo Capture (75€ in my country) or Roland Tri Capture (119€)? here are some links, maybe you should at least think of it ;) DUO-CAPTURE :: Products :: Roland TRI-CAPTURE :: Products :: Roland
  8. carcass

    Home studio multieffect / effect processor question

    thank you kindly my good man :) so, the thing is that i dont have good laptop at the moment, but it is on the list of this year´s purchases ... I found HD300 for really reasonable price, do you think it will be enough or should I get HD500?
  9. carcass

    Home studio multieffect / effect processor question

    well, I had in mind some kind of processor where I can put more than just one effect at once :)
  10. carcass

    Home studio multieffect / effect processor question

    I have posted few really noob threads back in the day and I have strange feeling that this will be another one, but to be honest guys, I am quite lost and need help of Top Men, so here goes... I am in the process of building my very humble home recording studio and all my life I love to kept...
  11. carcass

    NMCD (New Midi-Controller Day) ... Arturia content

    few years and even months ago I was against MIDI controllers (because of my lack of knowledge and fear of the unknown), but times have changed and so have I. So without any further words, I present you my first MIDI controller every - Arturia Analog Experience The Laboratory 61, synthesizer...
  12. carcass

    Beginning home recording

    once I found quite nice website for home recording beginners, here is link: Basic Home Recording Studio hopefully this will help you :)
  13. carcass

    Keys-synth advice for beginner

    some time has passed and I have done some research, right now I realize how silly my initial "question" may have been :) so, after learning something more about keys, workstations and synths, I narrowed down my hunt to two models: - Yamaha MX49 - Korg Microstation Yamaha seems to be easier to...
  14. carcass

    Show Us Your Home Studio Setup!

    @ Tirmu just out of sheer curiosity, is that Sopor Aeternus picture in the background? it reminds me of something I have seen from his Es Reinten die Toten so Schnell era.
  15. carcass

    Keys-synth advice for beginner

    first of all thanks for your reply :yesway: as you can see i am really beginner, because you get it right - I meant to write MIDI controller, till this moment I was under the impression that midi controller = workstation. I am looking for orchestral sounds as you mentiond but also nice sounds...
  16. carcass

    Keys-synth advice for beginner

    After years focusing only on guitar (and lately bass) I realised that I want to expand my gear for keyboard (synth) and I need it anyway for new tunes I am working on. The thing is that I am absolute beginner with zero knowledge of keys, I have done some research in past few days, but honestly...
  17. carcass

    Splitting guitar signal

    I have been thinking a lot about splitting guitar signal, so I can play through two amps at once. so far I found Boss PS-3 (or PS6), but any other suggestion is very welcomed, teach me about this.
  18. carcass

    NGD - Rickenbacker 330 (copy)

    I just scored Rickenbacker 330 copy earlier this day, the price was nice and the guitar feels very good, unfortunatelly there is no info about it (who made it, used wood etcetera), but I am working on it, so here are some pics and more update will come ;)
  19. carcass

    Help me with dillema - PRS vs. BC Rich

    thanks for replies guys, I really appreciate them :) since I am no more EMG guys as I used to be, any ideas for good passive humbucker (except what I suggested - Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz)?
  20. carcass

    Help me with dillema - PRS vs. BC Rich

    For the last couple of months I have drastically changed my gear and the time has come to get 6 stringer. Versatility is the main goal here, because I will use this guitar to play everything between jazz and blues to experimental rock and avant-garde stuff. The two that are in my mind and I...