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  1. Sunyata

    Exact copies of guitars - OK, or uncool?

    I make a painting. I sell it for $50,000 to those I chose to. Demand grows, but I am unwilling to meet demand, increase production, or create a lower cost option. People start making replicas of my painting for $500. I am annoyed by this. However, it does not impact the decision of those who...
  2. Sunyata

    Exact copies of guitars - OK, or uncool?

    I think this situation is analogous to luxury watch fakes. I see nothing wrong with people capitalizing on a situation where supply cannot meet demand. I also see nothing wrong with people buying fakes/copies.
  3. Sunyata

    Ibanez Premium Marco Sfogli signature

    I'll preface this with saying that Marco is one of my fave players, and I agree with him being a better player than Petrucci (songwriting is a different story), but Marco sometimes overtly copies Petrucci to almost ridiculous levels. I don't even think there anything wrong with it at all, but to...
  4. Sunyata

    Ernie Ball or D'Addario

    Of course. Many, many times on many different guitars. D'addario ALWAYS felt noticeably great once they were on. EB strings just felt "new" without any of the superlatives mentioned earlier.
  5. Sunyata

    Ernie Ball or D'Addario

    IMO D'addario are way nicer feeling/sounding. More snappy, bright, fresh, clean etc etc. I didn't even use ernie ball strings on my EBMMs.
  6. Sunyata

    The Collection(or as my wife calls it the addiction)

    Such a great collection. What happened to all your petruccis though? I used to follow your NGDs back on the petrucciforum before it got destroyed...
  7. Sunyata

    The HAARP Machine is Back...

  8. Sunyata

    The HAARP Machine is Back...

    Yes, i meant objectively. As in not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudice; based on facts; unbiased: an objective opinion.
  9. Sunyata

    The HAARP Machine is Back...

    Took a long time for someone to be reasonable about this. The idea that anyone in this genre of music has the audacity to talk sh-t about half-speed recording is insane. When Misha did this in the HAARP thread a long time ago, it was a similar situation. Everyone riding his d--k, not seeing...
  10. Sunyata

    Opeth- Sorceress due Sept 30

    Does this sound fine to you?
  11. Sunyata

    Opeth- Sorceress due Sept 30

    Mikael is now completely incapable of doing passable death metal vocals. If anyone has seen a live video from 2013 onwards you will know. This obviously has a huge impact on the type of music a "death metal" band can make. It's better for them to...
  12. Sunyata

    SikThs Complete Tablature FINISHED

    I don't know how you've done this, but these are incredible. This accuracy is pretty amazing. Thank you very much.
  13. Sunyata

    IHSAHN - Arktis

    This was pretty fking great.
  14. Sunyata

    Best Petrucci guitar tone - gear used

    IMO Awake is the quintessential Petrucci tone. For both Lead and Rhythm.
  15. Sunyata

    Currently on a "vocalists" kick. Favorite vocalists thread maybe?

    In terms of "metal" I think Daniel Gildenlow and Mikael Akerfeldt are some of the best vocalists around.
  16. Sunyata

    John Petrucci Second Solo Album

    There was this song called "Cloud 10" I think. It was truly one of the most horrific things I have ever heard Petrucci play, and I am one of the biggest Petrucci fans ever. Sounded like some disgusting Blink 182 song. If that is what the follow up to Suspended Animation (One of the best guitar...
  17. Sunyata

    Jason Richardson Signature EBMM?

    You said what i wanted to say but much more eloquently.:bowdown::yesway:
  18. Sunyata

    Jason Richardson Signature EBMM?

    If this was a company like Fender where signature models are all almost the same, it would be ok IMO. However, EBMM is a small company with relatively few signature models. Almost everyone who has one has made a tremendous impact on guitar playing (ie. Petrucci, Morse, Lukather, etc) I don't...
  19. Sunyata

    Jason Richardson Signature EBMM?

    [UNPOPULAR OPINION]I don't think Jason Richardson deserves an EBMM signature.[UNPOPULAR OPINION]