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  1. Necris

    Behemoth New single/New album

    I'm going to gatekeep and say devoting an album to whining about "cancel culture" is one of the least metal things you can do. Utterly weak.
  2. Necris

    The moment you begin to refer to yourself as a Guitarist?

    I'm a guitarist. I'm also a bassist, a drummer and a composer. Whether I'm a "good" one of any of those or not would be a different discussion, but that discussion would be a waste of everyone's time.
  3. Necris

    Epic Games buys Bandcamp... Wait, what?

    Looks like I'll be returning to "dropbox link e-mailed to a friend" as my music distribution method in the near future.
  4. Necris

    Will Russia invade Ukraine again? (Yes, yes they did)

    I feel like with the current temperature of things any assassination attempt that wasn't successful, even a homegrown assasination plot carried out by Russian nationals, would be either declared by Putin to be an act of war carried out by NATO, or used as a pretext to make Kyiv (and potentially...
  5. Necris

    Any metal guitarists kinda noticed this?

    It's all screamo, once you accept that you'll be happier.
  6. Necris

    Who is the most brutal death metal band...

    Lille from Defeated Sanity provided session drums for this one.
  7. Necris

    Who is the most brutal death metal band...

    I'm just going to avoid things where I can't actually double check the lyrics. Either because because they're not published at all, or not online. I also don't really know what your line is for gore exactly so I've mostly avoided that when possible rather than guess. Unless I know the band well...
  8. Necris

    Pointless to follow this dream?

    People, in general, are lazy so making the choice to pick up your guitar and practice or write music as easy as possible is important, too. If its easier to open your phone and scroll endlessly, play video games, watch tv etc. than it is to go grab your guitar and practice, or write music then...
  9. Necris

    Pointless to follow this dream?

    Is making a living off of your own music (regardless of your chosen genre) a pipe dream? Yes. Is making living a off of modern metal core *specifically* a pipedream? Absolutely. Are you wasting your time working on music/developing skills related to music? Not necessarily, but you probably...
  10. Necris

    What kind of death metal do you miss nowdays?

    That Ageless Summoning demo is great, I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with a full-length. If I'm reading correctly and your drummer is the drummer for both bands then he did some session drums for old black metal stuff of mine a few years ago.
  11. Necris

    Problems with band member

    Then I misread/misinterpreted that bit, my mistake. Have you discussed what he actually wants out of the band, at all? Is this just something to do on the weekends for him or does he really want to be in a band long term? Is this experience actually valuable to him? If it's an intrinsic...
  12. Necris

    Problems with band member

    RE: B's "strange behavior". I've been in a band with a guy like this in the past. He's probably at least somewhat hung up on having something he can point to as his own personal contribution when he hears the band's recordings, I doubt he'd ever admit it directly but I'd guess that's why he's...
  13. Necris

    What kind of death metal do you miss nowdays?

    Death Metal with Keyboards, I know there's still some but I could always use more:
  14. Necris

    "Lunar Mystery Hut"

    It's a good thing we know the procedures for making contact:
  15. Necris

    First Fragment - Gloire Eternelle

    Every riff is basically a mini solo, and those mini solos are are ornamented frequently by other mini solos and occasional extended solos and eventually it all congeals into busy background noise that occasionally comes back into focus for a few seconds now and then. It's like there's almost no...
  16. Necris

    90s MIJ Ibanez SR-? dilemma

    I think the most reasonable path forward, then, is probably to try to give the bass a proper setup and see if that solves the dead spots and high action. If it's good, then great! See about fixing/replacing the electronics and the frets may be something you can deal with down the line. If the...
  17. Necris

    90s MIJ Ibanez SR-? dilemma

    Honestly, if you have a bunch of work that you need to do to it now to get it playable, and potentially more in the future to keep it playable (the frets) then the fact that it came from a Japanese factory and is overall well made doesn't really mean anything unless you plan to resell at a later...
  18. Necris

    The cheapest guitar you own?

    Matte black Stagg Flying V. It was my first electric guitar, it was used and kind of beat up; and I got it with a shitty crate practice amp for maybe $100. Still have both, the combo is the apex of tone, as you can imagine.