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  1. Daniel_V

    Quick Snare MIC Comparison

    Yesterday I had some spare time in the studio between sessions and I had the mics laying around and the drum kit set-up soo... Top Mics used: 1. Shure SM57 2. Shure Beta58A (yes, 58. I don't have a Beta57A atm. They are quite similar with slight difference in the top end because of the shield...
  2. Daniel_V

    Old Periphery song with New Periphery sound - Icarus Lives!

    Thanks a lot, guys! I have a mix with the accapella from YouTube, but I think someone can sing it from scratch. Then it's gonna be a proper cover. Probably a video too.. Any suggestions? Who wants to sing over it?
  3. Daniel_V

    My Metal Remake of Katy Perry's 'Wide Awake'

    Actually.. that was my fault! Teehee...
  4. Daniel_V

    My Metal Remake of Katy Perry's 'Wide Awake'

    Thanks, man.. I actually hate the mix now.. and from time to time I think of redoing it properly.
  5. Daniel_V

    Northlane-citizen instrumental mix[RAW MULTITRACKS INCLUDED]

    I'm gonna give it a go one of these days! Nice work!
  6. Daniel_V

    My Metal Remake of Katy Perry's 'Wide Awake'

    I was just browsing my old posts to find something and I stumbled across this. Damn! So many lovely on a mix I hate now.. :D Anyway - following the tradition last year I did this.... This time with some more effort and an actual solo section...
  7. Daniel_V

    Old Periphery song with New Periphery sound - Icarus Lives!

    Hey guys! So here's the deal.. I love Periphery. I've been following Misha from the Bulb days. And I admire their natural progression as a band, but most of all - I love Nolly's production style and the sounds he gets. I've spent 6-7 years now learning how to record, mix ext. , but the most I...
  8. Daniel_V

    Pop/Metal Remake - Dark Horse

    Hey guys... I decided to do a follow up on my old Katy Perry - Wide Awake remake. I give you the metalized version of Katy's Dark Horse. It has a comical vibe to it and some funny appearances too. And just for the record - I hate the original song. Check the description for more info...
  9. Daniel_V

    New song 'Insanity' online now! More to come!

    Long time since I posted something here. Been caught up in new studio building and final pre-production of my band Full Circle's upcoming debut album. Here is another one of the songs! Two solos this time - me and Alex have some "trade-off". Hope you like! (Beware headphone users - quiet intro...
  10. Daniel_V

    New song 'Insanity' online now! More to come!

    Second song 'Wake Up' is online! Go check it out! Its gonna be up only for 48 hours!
  11. Daniel_V

    New song 'Insanity' online now! More to come!

    Hey guys! Me and my boys in Full Circle (Bulgaria) are working on our pre-production demos for our debut album! We just uploaded one of the songs on our YouTube channel! Here's the vid: SoundCloud too...
  12. Daniel_V

    Reamping Services Offered!

    Hey guys! I finally can say I'm happy and proud with my reamping rig. So I thought I offer you my help with your demos if you see fit! The gear I use: Radial ProRMP Reamp Box Focusrite Saffire Pro40 Custom Made Two-Channel Tube Preamp Amps: Custom Garland 100W Head (Heavily Modded...
  13. Daniel_V

    Original Song "Mechanical Malfunction" - Metal

    What EZ Drummer Preset is used here? Nice job! Cool riffing!!
  14. Daniel_V

    Rebooting the studio - interface poll

    I love Focusrite stuff! EPIC pre's for that price point and AMAZING routing capabilities! Probably the best studio gear tech support, too.
  15. Daniel_V

    Is it okay to boost EQ more than 10 decibels?

    To the original question: My general rule of thumb is never using EQ to boost if its a Digital/VST/ect. But every rule has an exception, and that exception can be used to a great effect! Most of the times I boost with very narrow Q only to find the problem frequencies. But as Scotty and...
  16. Daniel_V

    Demo Guitar Tone for Full Circle

    Hey guys! Long time - no posting. Been busy writing the new material for the upcoming debut album for my band - Full Circle. We are almost finished with the actual songs and now we are doing some pre-pro demos in my home studio with the other guitar player - Alex, looking for suitable sounds...
  17. Daniel_V

    KsE - Rose Of Sharyn (Cover)

    Hey, guys! I had to change youtube accounts. Here is the re-uploaded video.
  18. Daniel_V

    Almost NGD: PRS Tremonti Custom

    Oh, snap! I forgot about this thread! Couple of months passed by since I got the guitar so here is a chance to give my short opinion on it. Damn - this thing is massive! Already played the sh*t out of it in any possible live situation! All the guys around me noticed the different..or I...
  19. Daniel_V

    Saffire Pro 40- Pops and Clicks

    I had similar problem to yours. The answer was buying a new dedicated FireWire PCI Card/Controller. If you dig up some info on the Saffire Pro 40 you will find that it supports FireWire TransferSpeed 400 and expansion card with VIA chipset. This will work just fine...
  20. Daniel_V

    KsE - Rose Of Sharyn (Cover)

    Hey! My friend from '40 Days Later' and me (Full Circle) teamed up to cover KsE's Rose Of Sharyn. Hope you like it! Comment and subscribe, please! More stuff coming soon! Some info.. All recorded, mixed and mastered in my studio (Studio 8180). Gear used: *Vocals SP B-1...