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    Unlock Your True Power! Pick holding technique!

    To me, just as economy picking sounds more fluid than alternate picking, using the butt end of the pick sounds more fluid than the sharp end. In other words, neither is better and both have artistic uses. That said, in my experience if my left hand is changing notes at every pick stroke, using...
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    can scales be subjective?

    OP, sounds like what you're describing is the use of accidentals, rather than actually inventing new scales? That does make harmonizing a little more tricky, because it can easily sound out of place if your voice leading isn't smooth. And that's a good example of why, no matter how much or...
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    Would you choose a 22 fret guitar as your main 7?

    Being a 22-fret neck singlecoil lover, I do prefer 22 frets on my main 7 (25.5" custom strat thingy). Anything in the style of Jimi, SRV or Asato etc. just sounds a bit off on a 24 fret guitar, the notes don't seem to reach that juicy responsiveness that I live for in a guitar playing...
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    What makes a song memorable for you?

    I think memorability is universal, it works the same for music as it does for a scientific presentation or a sneaker design. It needs to find that sweet spot of around 95% old news that you can easily grasp, and 5% completely new and profound insight that you'd never thought about before. If...
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    soooooooooo many truths in this vid

    I think metal/rock/alternative music is incredibly creative and diverse at the moment, and it seems to be on a rise as well. Lots of kids in the tiktok generation who grew up on hip hop, EDM and meme music are now discovering metal, industrial and emo for the first time and they make the most...
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    Educate me. Whats the big deal with blues guitarists?

    Bsides that, I think a lot of the reason why "normal" people like guitar is that it is rattling, humming and screechy in a cool way, and a bit off in intonation. When everything on the radio is just samples and midi, a real guitar becomes refreshing. But only if it actually sounds live and...
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    Educate me. Whats the big deal with blues guitarists?

    Something I've noticed about the bloos when I started doing more session/hired gun gigs is that to most people who are not guitarists, blues based phrasing is just "good guitar". It's typically what artists and producers are really after when they hire a guitarist. Especially in solos. They may...
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    Let's talk about lyrics and lyric writing

    I've found that, out of the hundreds and hundreds of songs I've started writing, the ones that get finished are nearly always the ones where the lyrical idea came first. If I do have a banging instrumental though with no words, my best method seems to just focus all my effort into coming up...
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    Creating without music knowledge?

    Writing without knowing theory is a bit like cooking without labels on the spice jars. It's fine, but you have to spend more time opening all the jars and smelling them or tasting them in order to find the one you want. Then you have to do it all over again the next time you cook. If you know...
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    Help: best laptop for music production

    At the moment, Apple don't offer a 15" macbook with the M1 chip because it was released only a month ago. The 15"/16" MacBooks are all still using Intel, so most of what we've talked about in this thread about Apple being cheaper and better, doesn't apply to those models. There will almost...
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    Help: best laptop for music production

    Well, yes... which is why I said "You have to REALLY want Windows" :lol: Those are the reasons one would really want Windows.
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    Help: best laptop for music production

    +1 to anything Apple M1. Being cheaper AND better than Intel equivalents, you have to REALLY want Windows to justify buying a PC laptop right now. FWIW, the MacBook Air also has the M1 chip at a very low price, but keep in mind it doesn't have any fans. So while it's nice to have a dead silent...
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    I think most modern music sucks, because...

    I think this is the double-edged sword of having a niche interest in the social media age. You have access to a whole world of likeminded people who love the same thing as you, but that also leads to you being bombarded by the most popular opinions and eventually start liking the same things and...
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    what's more important cab or amp in guitar sound ?

    I think we're overlooking a far more important question here: Is the bread or the cheese the most important part of a pizza? Once we're done with that I'd really like to know which is more important between the front wheel or back wheel on a bike.
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    Does this sound radio-ready? (120+ tracks, female vox, something different)

    Great to hear, I really appreciate that! :cheers:
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    Taking Pre mixes to gigs?

    Ah, I didn't realize that. Yes that is a good point. We'll have to agree to disagree there :yesway: It took me a good 15 years to really start seeing what a difference arrangement (and key, tempo etc.) does for a mix. I could write a book on that, but that's for another time. That said, if...
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    Taking Pre mixes to gigs?

    Buying your own mixing gear to bring to gigs sounds like a lot of extra setup hassle for little gain. Especially if you're already on digital guitar gear, which have all the EQ capabilities that the Behringer has. I'd put that money towards a kick trigger and line solution for the bass (if you...
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    Does this sound radio-ready? (120+ tracks, female vox, something different)

    Btw, we released the song on Spotify today, if anyone wants to add it :)
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    Does this sound radio-ready? (120+ tracks, female vox, something different)

    Thanks! Yeah I think it's really a matter of various tracks fighting for the same space. The room mics have tons of sub in them, and there are a few layers of bass that may be the reason it sounds muddy. It's hard to tell for me cause I don't have a subwoofer, I didn't notice anything in my...
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    Does this sound radio-ready? (120+ tracks, female vox, something different)

    Cool :) Yeah I used to be more about treating reverb like a "virtual room", but found that it signals the idea of a live band playing in one space in a way that isn't always what I want. It's all context-dependent, the more I do this the more I realize the "tried and true", "good practice" and...