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  1. quartie

    NBD: (new birthday)

    HAPPY BIR - ...oh.
  2. quartie

    Wow! Cheers, man!

    Wow! Cheers, man!
  3. quartie

    Burgular throws cat 30ft in the air

    This had Hal and I in hysterics! But seriously, if this guy thinks "I'm so badass, I steal shit, I can throw this living creature because I'm amazing and above the law", what the HELL is he going to do with two axes... Scary. *these are choppy choppy axes, not choppy riffy djent axes*
  4. quartie

    Burgular throws cat 30ft in the air

    As if stealing stuff wasn't enough. .................WHY?!
  5. quartie


    Where has this BEEN all my life! I signed up instantly. All the absolutely unexplainable, horrific things one can find in a goodwill store. Here's a selection of the best: The centre item will haunt me in my dreams..... and my fantasties... Actually, no, even I can't be that sick. I'm...
  6. quartie

    Burgular throws cat 30ft in the air

    Video Shows Burglar Throwing Cat Into the Air - | WXIA | Atlanta, GA Why? ....coz.
  7. quartie

    Well, if the boss tells me so...

    ...let's try that again I am also mightily confused. And, Naren, you're a genius.
  8. quartie

    Well, if the boss tells me so...

    I work for a large UK company in stock control and I got into work this morning and this email. It started me off on a jolly foot, so I thought I'd share: "Hi Beth Do you have the layer configurations for our lines? If not please send a template and I will complete for you. I suggested to...
  9. quartie

    GOTM December 2008 - halsinden's Roter Baritone

    *deep breath* WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Drinks are on me. (no they aren't) Well done, Sinden and Sebastian!
  10. quartie

    Writters block...

    I can have a whole compilation in my head. A cacophony of different instruments and layers. However, these ideas are above my station because, even though I could probably figure it out on stave (which probably wouldn't be to hand at that given moment), there's no way I can play what I hear in...
  11. quartie


    I... am in heaven. HURRAH for EHR! It's the only way forward! Have some of my undyed hair whilst I get beaten up in the Eyelash music video for Bow to the People. Word. Because I've not windmilled or headbung on stage yet. Give me time. MUHAHAHAHA!
  12. quartie

    PIC: even more london weirdness

    Hal and I once walked past one roller skate in Holloway, London. ....what happened to the other one? And did the skater continue on just the one?
  13. quartie

    Happy birthday Beth (Quartie)!!!

    WOW! Oh, you guys! Shucks! Had the best time EVER! Acoustic gig in a cocktail bar, couldn't get better! Pictures and videos to come, hopefully. I have plenty of cake left to go round too.
  14. quartie

    PIC: even more london weirdness

    This is, by far, the best thread ever. I'm never moving.
  15. quartie

    Hal + beth are now engaged

    I would've posted something sooner, but I'm somewhat overcome! Everyone's kind words mean so much. Cheers, guys. Much appreciated. Hal makes me happier than I ever thought I could be and it just keeps getting better. May the grvm partnership COMMENCE!
  16. quartie

    Original drawing of a 7-legged spinder on ebay! LOL

    Of everything that is brilliant in this world - THANKYOU! *must not laugh in a quiet office must not laugh in a quiet office must not laugh in a quiet office must not laugh in a quiet office*
  17. quartie

    Head's new music video Flush! (UTube content)

    Good point - I didn't think of that. I still don't agree that he should, however. I hate when anything is dumbed down as if correct or beautiful use of language and poetry is not to be praised. Sometimes, I fear, it could get lost altogether. But I do understand your point - makes sense.
  18. quartie

    Head's new music video Flush! (UTube content)

    Aww, cheers, man! Well, I don't think an anti-drug use message means that it is soley a Christian view and I also think that you can be Christian and produce any kind of art/music representing anything that asks questions or displays your faith or doesn't. But, when it comes down to it, not...
  19. quartie

    Head's new music video Flush! (UTube content)

    Iiiiiindeeeeed it be. And, just thought I'd add, the concept and message for anti-drug use is a great thing, especially for his target audience, don't get me wrong. Just agreeing that it is badly executed.
  20. quartie

    Head's new music video Flush! (UTube content)

    I'm glad so many agree that these lyrics are dire. For testimonals from recovering drug users (or at least actors performing something quite moving) I find the completely mundane lyrics offensive. Due to this, it seemed about 4 minutes too long and nothing developed in the music at all. If...