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  1. Zamm Bell

    Softshred/Positive Grid I have completed a new EP Tones available on Tone Cloud! :yesway:
  2. Zamm Bell

    Ritchie Kotzen Lick

    Hey Guys and Girls. Just wanted to share a Lick with you :)
  3. Zamm Bell

    Pinky/Ring Finger Warm Up

    New Guitar Lesson Video :) I had a few requests to share some ring finger/pinky based exercises. Here is an awesome Paul Gilbert style lick that has helped me out with my fretting hand dexterity, I hope it helps you also! :)
  4. Zamm Bell

    Ibanez RG721 Test - Sexy Guitar

    Thanks! Well its me improvising solos to a backing track/riff I wrote.
  5. Zamm Bell

    Ibanez RG721 Test - Sexy Guitar

    Thank you :) Yeah I have heard that from a few people now, it seems a shame. They are really great value for money, they retail around £550 in the UK. There are a lot of awesome Ibanez Prestige models that are available in the USA but not available here in the UK though!
  6. Zamm Bell

    Ibanez RG721 Test - Sexy Guitar

    Ibanez recently kindly lent me this awesome RG721 for some filming. I think it is an amazing guitar for the money. I put together a short jam, just going direct with the stock pickups into my Laney IRT Studio directly into cubase. Enjoy! :hbang: Watch here...
  7. Zamm Bell

    Cool 8 string warm ups

    Hi guys and gals, I have a new lesson video, here are some 8 String Guitar Warm Ups! Watch Here:
  8. Zamm Bell

    Cool Alternate Picking Tips

    Hi Guys and Girls, just thought I would share a couple of awesome picking tips that have helped me, hopefully they help someone here also!
  9. Zamm Bell

    Multi Finger Tapping Shred Lick

    Hi Guys and Gals, I have another lick for you! This time its a multi finger tapping lick inspired my hero Derek Taylor! Enjoy!
  10. Zamm Bell

    'Bluesy' Shred Lick

    I hope someone enjoys this bluesy shred lick that uses string skipping, tapping and legato :)
  11. Zamm Bell

    Awesome Legato Exercise

    Hey guys and gals. I have been messing around whilst warming up and I came across this neat little exercise for warming up your legato. I hope someone here digs it, It certainly has helped me out when I am not feeling that 'connected' to my legato, especially in the mornings...
  12. Zamm Bell

    Periphery Megathread: Everything Periphery

    I love the solo on Peripherys latest song ' The Bad Thing' I HAD to figure it out, so I set myself the challenge of transcribing, learning, practicing it and performing it in the shortest time possible since it was uploaded to youtube this evening. So here it is, its a little rough but I learnt...
  13. Zamm Bell

    Legato Hybrid/Sweep Picking Lick

    Another Free Lick :) Free Licks! - Sam Bell Guitar
  14. Zamm Bell

    Ibanez GIO Improvisation

    Even more noodling!
  15. Zamm Bell

    Sitar Style Sequence (Free Lick)

    Free Slippy Sitar Style Sequence. Sam Bell - Guitarist and member of UK Tech Metal band Mask of Judas
  16. Zamm Bell

    Ibanez GIO Improvisation

    They certainly are indeed! I have seen some RX's laying around in 2nd hand shops and music rooms here and there. Haven't tried one though!
  17. Zamm Bell

    Ibanez GIO Improvisation

    Thanks :) Yeah pickups are stock, I haven't even touched the neck or action since getting it either.. Very surprised with this guitar, I originally got it for teaching as I needed an electric guitar that I can throw in and out of a car, or let someone borrow without to much worry. But its turned...
  18. Zamm Bell

    Ibanez GIO Improvisation

    Noodling around whilst filming some licks for YouTube. This guitar is really cheap, but I love how it sounds and feels :)
  19. Zamm Bell

    Hybrid Picking Lick

    Free Hybrid Picking Lick. Based around an A9 chord. Enjoy!
  20. Zamm Bell

    Jam with Sam Bell LickLibrary DVD I have a new DVD with Lick Library. The Jam with Series is pretty cool! I loved putting this one together, you can also get Jam with Tom Quayle, Andy James, Rick Graham etc! :)