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  1. SirMyghin

    Another amazing PRS Private Stock 7

    Looks alright, not that impressive for a PS though.
  2. SirMyghin

    A Seven String Guitar Story- Sad UVPWH Content

    Damn Skeels... Just damn. Don't know what else to tell you, I am in a pretty high emotional state right now, and that brought me crashing down. I know the feeling I guess, sort of, but not exactly. Nothing like that guitar you conquered the world with, you know?
  3. SirMyghin

    Thinking about downsizing.....

    They are, however, no better than a top end production model. So safer investments overall, and the risk level is non-existent. Personally, I would have a very hard time justifying even 10 guitars. That includes the fact I am a bassist and basses count as guitars. Either way good luck in...
  4. SirMyghin

    Tips for a young fellow?

    Not much else to add to this thread, The Rev, Casket and Nonservium have coverred it well. I will add one thing though, to emphasize that happiness is a choice, a mindset, not a given. If you are never satisfied you could well be the reason behind your unhappiness. You need to approach things...
  5. SirMyghin

    New Dream Theater DVD!

    Very cool. The shows on their last tour were stellar. I was super stoked when they started playing Breaking All Illusions in Toronto, as they had a 2 night rotation going on and that wasn't on my night at the time (and it was the one I really wanted to hear, but was resigned to not hearing).
  6. SirMyghin

    Pedal board or rack?

    I like pedal boards as I want knobs and tweakability at my finger tips. Usually gravitating to a rack means more overall control, but less control on the fly, which I do not care to sacrifice.
  7. SirMyghin

    Fender Factory in Corona. A Pictour.

    That is amazing, thanks for all the photos dude!
  8. SirMyghin

    NYC Pedalboards by NYC Cases

    ^^ Corgis have infinite battery, I think he was scratching himself in that one. Seriously though, even when 'tired' they are back in 5 min
  9. SirMyghin

    NYC Pedalboards by NYC Cases

    I normally don't post gear acquisitions, but I am making an exception for these excellent beasts. Mike of NYC pedal boards is currently expanding his option set, and available items too. Adding Utility cases (for cables mic's, etc) and rack cases to his repertoire. Mike was an absolutely...
  10. SirMyghin

    No Desire to Drive

    I went til 26 without a car and the convinience is worthwhile, as transit in Hamilton sucks. As far as 'spending 10k for something that moves fast is stupid', might be a worthwhile statement if 10k was a sizable sum of money, but big picture, it is fuck all. My career requires driving, and...
  11. SirMyghin

    Misha Mansoor Mission Engineering Pedal

    is it narrower than others or something?
  12. SirMyghin

    Writing using a 7 string and a 6 string

    Important announcement here: Upon further review of empirical evidence, it is not possible to play with multiple instruments unless all instruments are tuned identically :lol:
  13. SirMyghin

    Enough Procrastinating - Time To Decide

    Save 500$ more dollars and keep an eye out for a used JP7? You'll only be setting yourself back if you step in to a compromise, as you will still want the JP
  14. SirMyghin

    Guitar storage

    strung and in tune. In a case, in a stable environment.
  15. SirMyghin

    How to order a BRJ????

    Ordering them is pretty easy, actually getting the guitar though.... :lol:
  16. SirMyghin

    Indecisive on name for solo project.

    I would use a reasonable human name, that just so happens isn't yours.
  17. SirMyghin

    Hybrid Picking exercises?

    Just use fingers to facilitate string skips or pedal tones and you will start getting a feeling for it. Then you can also do rolls and the like.
  18. SirMyghin

    Why did the guitarists in Asking Alexandria get Signature Ibanez's

    Because you touch yourself at night.
  19. SirMyghin

    NAMM 2013 New Product Releases

    There is a neat EBS Billy Sheehan clean/dirt blend pedal that came out.