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  1. Furtive Glance

    FS Boss DD-20 Giga Delay Twin Pedal w/Box

    Wouldn't mind trading for an interface. iRig HD 2 or something similar? Let me know.
  2. Furtive Glance

    Post Your GAS

    Looks like a JS sig with a tramp stamp. Great colour, though.
  3. Furtive Glance

    The SevenString Pet Thread

    I don't have any pets unfortunately, but I wanted to contribute so here's my friend's cat who looks awesome and I want him.
  4. Furtive Glance

    Double NGD: ESP E-II Eclipse

    Upgraded my reaction. I love that Reindeer Blue finish!
  5. Furtive Glance

    Some guitars are too funny not to post

  6. Furtive Glance

    [NGD] "What smells like blue?"

    Yeah, they were ridiculously quick to deal with. I think I sent in an offer at like 8-9pm on the Saturday and they accepted within 10 minutes, and then got the setup taken care of asap on Monday morning before shipping it.
  7. Furtive Glance

    [NGD] "What smells like blue?"

    Thanks dawgs! It’s the first run Dargie Delight. No colour change finish but it has the martini glass inlays. They only made 4 JP7s and I have the only one without a piezo. Got really lucky getting ahold of it in 2010.
  8. Furtive Glance

    ESP Owners Club-Show Us Your ESPs!

    I joined the club!
  9. Furtive Glance

    [NGD] "What smells like blue?"

    Aw yuss, it's been too long since I took home another guitar. Almost 2 entire years! What's diss? Uh, UPS... you were supposed to get a signature and not just leave it there. But okay. Surely this is a good sign! It only causes cancer in California though so I'll be alright. Weird looking...
  10. Furtive Glance

    NGD - Mystic Dreamin'

    Sick score. One of these is still on my bucket list fo sho.
  11. Furtive Glance

    Why are you happy right now?

    Bought a guitar. Is there a happier feeling?
  12. Furtive Glance

    Dream Theater

    Got Priestess vibes ala Periphery from that. Wasn’t expecting that from LaBrie. I don’t think he’s had a song in that acoustic-ish style before that I can recall from his solo albums. Mostly all power ballads with distortion.
  13. Furtive Glance

    NAD: A very EVH birthday...

    Probably sounds colossal with the GB2x12!
  14. Furtive Glance

    Random Pics of Your Sevens

    Here's a random one from me: Also, could have gone in the meme thread, but this is topical.
  15. Furtive Glance

    Who Remembers How They Found Out About SSO?

    February 2010 after lurking the JP forums, drinking the Kool-Aid on the EBMM forum, and shit-posting on the Mike Portnoy forums for a few years. Probably found this place from some cross-posted thread links on one, if not all, of those places! Best forum I've ever been on. Really should become...
  16. Furtive Glance

    ESP E-II 7 Strings quality? (Help me decide) (+alternatives?)

    I voted the fade. Love that model’s aesthetics.