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  1. halsinden

    Epiphone les paul [classic] 7 string

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: epiphone les paul classic 7 string, black burst finish Additional Accessories: n/a Your Location: london, UK International OK?: yep! Contact Info: management[at]eulogymedia[dot]com References: (ebay ID) eulogymedia Price: £300 ono
  2. halsinden

    TALANAS: 7 string acoustic album digibook kickstarter campaign

    from the talanas page today: you spoke - we listened, and so BEHOLD: the kickstarter campaign for the asylum DIGIBOOK! despite our new acoustic mini-album being available via all the usual digital outlets...
  3. halsinden

    RANNOCH: 'Between Two Worlds' 8 string prog death

    i've been absent from this forum for a while, but now i'm back momentarily to offer you... THIS 8 string british progressi-bludgeoners RANNOCH have released a full length album through eulogy media (talanas, Dãm, Beth Ryan, interlock) called 'Between Two Worlds' and it's been doing pretty...
  4. halsinden

    AUDIO: (spoken word) shakespeare's sonnet 116

    i've been recording some spoken word stuff for a few bands recently. i had the mic set up this afternoon, figured i might have a crack at something familiar. H
  5. halsinden

    VID: new TALANAS vinyl available

    a little further information on our new release, for those who had their heads buried in the sand under a rock in coventry. just over 3 minutes of pompous modern culture reference, raucous angry music and unusual facial hair. we're also pleased to confirm that the corpseflower 7" vinyl...
  6. halsinden

    VID: my dying bride, touring & the first ever TALANAS vinyl

    a brief video blog in which i detail the significance of our position on 'a tour of all our failures' and provide some news on new material, in particular a 7" vinyl release that will only be available on the confirmed dates. thanks for watching, if you have! H
  7. halsinden

    VID: TALANAS - progressive decay & my dying bride 2012 tour rehearsal setup

    ahhh, the sound of greasepaint, the smell of preparation, the heat of the stage monitors... we offer here a short few minutes of insight into the talanas inner sanctum (berry street studio) , freshly rearranged to mimic our stage setup in readiness for the 'progressive decay' UK tour (with...
  8. halsinden

    VID: 'diaphora' by TALANAS

    we've taken a bloody long while to get this video sorted, so much so that we actually started filming it when the song was released on the debut EP... then wrote and released a whole new album before finishing it. the best writeup is really via france's hard rock magazine, recently: The...
  9. halsinden

    PIC: my grandfather & queen elizabeth II 'COME AT ME BRO'

    my father just sent a link this article today in the daily mail: Queen celebrates Charles Dickens' bicentenary at the Guildhall theatre | Mail Online to my knowledge, my grandfather was still snowed-in down in kent where we all come from. turns out he was up in london at the guildhall...
  10. halsinden

    NGD: dean SE7/GN acoustic 7

    won this on ebay over christmas. i'd been intending to get a 7 string electro-acoustic for use on the talanas album we're now writing, this one came up and i've been very pleasantly surprised. please forgive the utterly ghastly carpet in our current flat, it would cost more to replace than...
  11. halsinden

    UK: 5 string headless request (an odd one)

    this is tad awkward, but does anyone here have a 5 string headless bass that i might be able to borrow for a london gig on saturday feb 18th? H
  12. halsinden

    'sh*t people say' videos

    so by now everyone has probably seen the spate of 'shit girls say', or 'shit hipsters say' videos doing the rounds on youtube etc. would it be an idea to set up an 'shit people say to seven string guitarists' video? H
  13. halsinden

    VID: [talanas] ewan's amp is haunted

    ewan's amp gets freaky widdit. H
  14. halsinden

    VID: talanas to film club 85 gig (+ podcast)

    we in talanas will be filming our set this friday at club 85 in hitchin, hertfordshire (UK). this podcast lays out details alongside a brief overview of the last year. cheers! H
  15. halsinden

    VID: morbid angel from the side of the stage

    at bloodstock 2011. yes, you could say i was stoked to be there. however, as i've mentioned in the video notes, it was seriously tricky not to ask someone to take a photo of me planking morbid angel. H
  16. halsinden

    GIF: i'd be quite amused to be stalked by this

  17. halsinden

    VIDS: talanas tour footage etc.

    afternoon all! so we've just got back from the northern leg of the talanas / spires UK tour, which we were promoting thusly: and the video report for this first half of the tour can be found here: cheers! H
  18. halsinden

    PIC: hal's stag party

    it's official, i have the best friends in the world... H
  19. halsinden

    HELP: kahler 2327 rust damage

    anyone unfamiliar with my situation should perhaps view a summary on this thread, and please note that i am not wanting to start a flame-war on all-new thread. this is specifically for tech help / sale advice. I DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY TO INITIATE LEGAL PROCEEDINGS (but seriously chaps...
  20. halsinden

    NTD: 7 string strandberg headless trem set

    just arrived from ola strandberg; my black 7 string headless trem set. really boody excited about this. i'll be meeting with rob from deadlight designs early next week to hand this over, along with the BKP nailbombs, and to discuss the design ideas for this new custom. H