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  1. Grand Moff Tim

    Petrucci 8 String Possibility? IT DOES EXIST!

    I could still be interested in a hardtail, if the hardtail still has piezo. ...though he might've mentioned it, I didn't watch the video, haha.
  2. Grand Moff Tim

    Stupid Things You Used to Believe About Music/Guitars

    I used to not know that intonation was a thing, so I adjusted the saddles on my first strat so they were all lined up flush with each other.
  3. Grand Moff Tim

    Fender American Professional II

    The American Performer JMs have standard trems, if the the weirdo JM trem keeps you at bay. They're more affordable than the Professionals, too.
  4. Grand Moff Tim

    Fender American Professional II

    Haven't American Standards/Professionals pretty much always had rolled fretboard edges? I know my AmStd Tele from the early 2000s does, did they stop doing it for a while or something? That "dark night" finish is uh... not great. Not sure I'm sold on the "mercury" P-bass, either. I'd be...
  5. Grand Moff Tim

    Why are Suhr 7s so rare now?

    I posted an NGD for my MS7, and it was a fair bit less than 6 years ago. :cool:
  6. Grand Moff Tim

    Fender Acoustasonic

    For those scoffing at the price: Fender built (and then expanded) an entire new offshoot of the Custom Shop area of their USA factory to build these, and all the woodworking for them is still done in the Custom Shop alongside the usual CS models. These aren't going to be cheap, and that...
  7. Grand Moff Tim

    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    It's the Politics and Current Events subforum.
  8. Grand Moff Tim

    Modern Day Whammy Bar Heroes?

    Seriously. If you hadn't, I would have. IA's far and away my favorite trem-heavy shredder. He'd be my favorite shredder full-stop if Buckethead didn't exist, haha.
  9. Grand Moff Tim

    You Could Have Any Music Memorabilia

    Wata's Matamp GT120:
  10. Grand Moff Tim

    Ibanez NAMM 2020

    I play a low B on 33" with no issues, for what that's worth. You just need the right strings.
  11. Grand Moff Tim

    NGD: 33" scale baritone with 29 frets

    Nice guitar, but I think I'm more jealous of that Bergantino setup behind it, hahaha. Also, for any who might be wondering, Wagakki Band is friggin' rad. Definitely worth a listen.
  12. Grand Moff Tim

    ESP E-II MF-9 BABYMETAL Collaboration Model

    Su is 21 and Moa is 20.
  13. Grand Moff Tim

    Fender is About to Start Making Some Nice Cuts

    The Silver Sky is just a Navigator ST clone, dumbass.
  14. Grand Moff Tim

    Fender is About to Start Making Some Nice Cuts

    Haha, look at Fender, trying to squeeze their way into the high-end modern spec strat market and steal some of Suhr's customers! Pathetic! It's a good thing you'd never catch any of the brands that are more popular on SSO trying to do a thing like th...
  15. Grand Moff Tim

    NGD: Green Mean Shredding Machine

    I really like that headstock. I dunno if it's weird that that's the thing that stands out the most to me, but it's just nice to see someone make a headstock that isn't a direct clone of another brand AND doesn't look stupid. It's like a slightly pointier version of the Suhr headstock, and I'm...
  16. Grand Moff Tim

    Aristides Guitars

    I wish it was less modern, haha. I'd really love to get on board the alternative materials train, but I still just can't get past Aristides' design aesthetic. Fair play to them for finding their niche and a customer base that really digs them, but I guess I'm just an old fuddy-duddy. When I...
  17. Grand Moff Tim

    What game are you playing?

    They could've named it "Mass Effect: New Vegas." That isn't to say it's derivative or anything, I just get strong vibes of both of those series when I play TOW. That's A-O-kay with me, since I enjoyed both Mass Effect and FO:NV, haha.
  18. Grand Moff Tim

    What game are you playing?

    The Outer Worlds is pretty great so far.
  19. Grand Moff Tim

    Modern Electric 12 String Guitars

    You could do the partscaster thing. Warmoth makes a 12 string neck and superstrat bodies.