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  1. ferret

    Sevenstring Community Discord

    Yeah sorry the old link went down some time ago. Here's new permanent link: It's alive and well.
  2. ferret

    You guys know this site has a NEW chatroom, right?

    Sorry, old link went down! Updated link:
  3. ferret

    LNBD: Ibanez SR650

    20210104_123515 by ferret posted Apr 24, 2021 at 10:48 AM 20210104_123525 by ferret posted Apr 24, 2021 at 10:48 AM 20210104_123539 by ferret posted Apr 24, 2021 at 10:48 AM 20210104_123557 by ferret posted Apr 24, 2021 at 10:48 AM Ok I tried uploading them to a media gallery?
  4. 20210104_123515


  5. 20210104_123525


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  7. 20210104_123557


  8. ferret

    LNBD: Ibanez SR650

    What about now?
  9. ferret

    LNBD: Ibanez SR650

    Weird about the pictures. They are part of the post, not external hosting. I'm running it passive. I used active for a bit but there seems to be a grounding issue on the mid-EQ knob. Instead of fixing it I just stopped using it.
  10. ferret

    LNBD: Ibanez SR650

    Very Late NBD. Got this in January as a birthday present. Replaced my old dinky 2004 SRX300, and boy was it a huge improvement. I've kinda hung up guitar at the moment, been almost exclusively practicing fingered bass and enjoying it.
  11. ferret

    What are you listening to?

    Almost on daily repeat: Fleshgod Apocalypse - King
  12. ferret

    soy milk versus cow milk

    I have four, so yeah.
  13. ferret

    Got some Ash from a tree that blew over, how do I turn it into a guitar?

    Needs cut and stored for at least a year to dry and season, IIRC. Otherwise the moisture is going to ruin anything you try to do with it.
  14. ferret

    soy milk versus cow milk

    Try goat milk. The fat in it is much smaller and it's easier to digest. Typically even some lactose intolerant people can handle goat milk without issue. It has a lot of other pluses over cow as well. American culture tends to be "ehhhhh" about "goat" though. We're so "Cow" oriented.
  15. ferret

    NGD: Esp Ltd Stephen Carpenter SC608B

    Wait, you thought I gave you my real email the other day? You've been stalking Adam Howard for 2-3 years, why would I give you any direct personal information?
  16. ferret

    NGD: Esp Ltd Stephen Carpenter SC608B

    Thanks for confirming this was another of your alts! :)
  17. ferret

    NGD- KR Fanned Fret 10 String

    Nice finish, lots of neat touches. I like how well it conforms to you when you're sitting with it.
  18. ferret

    NGD: Esp Ltd Stephen Carpenter SC608B

    How many alts do you have, jesus. Fluence of Shred is another one. You have three alts talking to each other in this thread....
  19. ferret

    NGD: Purple Beast

    That purple is godly.
  20. ferret

    What game are you playing?

    Still on the Overwatch train, gotta get those new anniversary skins.