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  3. Vede

    Mayones opinions?

    Double post. Ignore.
  4. Vede

    Mayones opinions?

    Incredible guitars, top-notch build quality. Highly recommended.
  5. Vede

    shopping for a mayones...or am i?

    I'm an American who used to travel to London a lot on business, and I'd always frequent the Camden Guitarguitar (love that store). I actually purchased a couple Mayos from them over the years. In my experience, their Mayones guitars always had stock D'addario strings on them: 10 to 46 on the...
  6. Vede

    Buckeye burl - good or bad?

    I’m a huge fan of buckeye burl and to a lesser extent, poplar burl. But as others have said, it really depends on the specific piece of wood and/or the finish. Here are a couple guitars I own with buckeye-burl tops... And here's one with a poplar-burl top that's been greatly enhanced by the...
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  8. Vede

    Post Your GAS

    Can someone please explain Tyler guitars to me? I love the way some of them look (especially THIS one), and I even dig the headstock! But it seems like there are hundreds of them on Reverb and most are substantially more expensive than a comparably equipped Suhr. Some of them get almost into PRS...
  9. Vede

    What Guitar Do You Play The Most?

    This Mayones Hydra has been my go-to for the past several months...
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  11. Vede

    Mayones Duvell Elite (FINALLY!) PRO (Floyd)

    In other Duvell-like news, they've also announced a Hydra with trem, which very much has my attention...
  12. Dawid Dziewulski On Instagram_ “The NAMM Show 2020 (6)

    Dawid Dziewulski On Instagram_ “The NAMM Show 2020 (6)

  13. Vede

    NGD: KM7 and one of the best guitars I've had

    Beautiful guitar. Try not to let the large pores bug you too much. The KM7 MK-III was heavily inspired by Mayones’ Duvell Elite, which also sports a porous wenge neck. I have several and that’s just what wenge looks like, regardless of the manufacturer. If you can get past the visual difference...
  14. Vede

    Abasi Concepts/Larada Megathread

    So, whatever happened to Abasi Guitars? I like the look of them, but since the production shakeup at the start of the year, have any more instruments actually been built and shipped out to customers? Did the company die and I missed it, or are they just building super low quantities and...
  15. Vede

    Weird String Misalignment on Ibanez Prestige RGD7UC(S)

    I hear you, Max. And there's no question you have far more direct experience with this than I do. But I'm telling ya, just do a random search for high-resolution photos of EBMM guitars and you'll see a lot more of this than you're expecting. And it's typically not because of the angle of the...
  16. Vede

    Weird String Misalignment on Ibanez Prestige RGD7UC(S)

    Everyone knows 'shit happens to wood'. That's a given. AND I think many of us would probably agree that EBMM has great customer service. But, ALSO, EBMM (just as one example) is shipping a lot of guitars with this problem - both bolt-on AND neck-through instruments. And although SOME of that may...
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  18. Vede

    Weird String Misalignment on Ibanez Prestige RGD7UC(S)

    And yet some nice guitars seem to suffer this particular issue more than others. That’s what we’re really talking about here. Mayones guitars fly over from Poland. And yet they rarely exhibit this issue relative to, say, Music Man guitars that are made here in the US. Perhaps Mayones developed...
  19. Vede

    Weird String Misalignment on Ibanez Prestige RGD7UC(S)

    If you zoom in and look at the wood grain you’ll see those are definitely three different guitars. And although they all exhibit this issue, looks like it’s worse on the orange one. I would definitely end up pulling the high E off the higher frets of that one. Maybe all three of these could be...