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    Good to hear you are doing that. Must be very interesting. I moved about 2 years ago up to...

    Good to hear you are doing that. Must be very interesting. I moved about 2 years ago up to NakaMeguro and working at an international school teaching music. Will have to pass on the concert. My band are organising a concert for Oct and we don't know which day it will be yet. I'll definitely be...
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    Christian Black Metal?

    Look up EEC recordings. They had some extremely vicious Christian BM. Seconded on the Extol not being BM. Lot of bands have elements of BM (hence the recent panty twist over Deafheaven) but extol we're definitely in the death camp.
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    Metal Bands that play 7 strings

    If we are talking Japan, Kazuya from Infernal Revulsion has the sexiest custom ESP 7. Beautiful guitar.
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    The Cthulu Mythos/ HP lovecraft interest

    The Dreamquest Of Unknown Kaddath is mind blowingly epic.
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    More Japan silliness

    ^ unfortunately true. Happily in this case though.
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    More Japan silliness

    aaaaaand that is where I live. As in that is a 2 minute walk from my house. I don't know if I actually want to bump in to him.
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    Please recommend me some melo death (in flames, soilwork, dark tranquility, etc)

    Sorrow Of Tranquility's first album. Japan again.
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    The .strandberg* Masividalien

    Any news about the trem system on these?
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    Best album/s you came across by accident or were surprised b?

    Nice. The guitarist passed away recently so was listening to it again.
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    Books that have that "black metal" feel

    Maldoror by Lautremont. Nihilistic, surreal and very anti-Christianity. It is the 2nd wave in book form.
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    Japan only released guitars

    ^ opposite end from hachiko where a lot of small guitar shops are.
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    Japan only released guitars

    The basement floor shop of Ikebe in Shibuya has a most amazing selection of j.custom Ibanez. They are all commissioned by Ikebe and two of them are one offs. They are expensive but to be the owner of a one off ibanez/ ESP may be worth it. The guitars are seriously beautiful (esp. The new orange...
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    Those who meditate, get in here!

    You should look in to zazen meditation. All it requires is a wall to stare at. Twice a day for 40 minutes sitting in an upright position, focussing on your breathing and the wall in front of you. 20 minutes just before bed as a starter is good practice.
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    Any fans of Funeral Doom?

    Mournful Congregation (Aus?) and Japan's Funeral Moth are well worth a listen if you like Ahab.
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    NGD: Ibanez Universe UV70P

    Probably going to pick one up tomorrow. HNGD!
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    #Bloodycyclists tweeter Emma Way convicted of driving offence

    The tweet was 'the biggest regret' of her life? How about acting like an inconsiderate human being? What a tool.
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    Your opinions on this guitar

    Looks good for the price. Forget starting on a six string. Totally unnecessary.
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    G-Life Guitars (Japan only)

    Sorry. Should have mentioned they didn't have any in the store in Shibuya.