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  1. Zerox8610

    The kiesel K series is on its way

    It's perfect.
  2. Zerox8610

    The kiesel K series is on its way

    Doesn't look anything like an RGD other than it HAS bevels. But okay.
  3. Zerox8610

    The kiesel K series is on its way

    Really hope that glow in the dark K inlay is optional...
  4. Zerox8610

    Ibanez NAMM 2016

    Sh*t... I need to pay off debt rather than add to it, but Ibanez is making it hard to say no. Edit: I meant for the RGA personally. Not really digging that RGD. I, as a few other people here have mentioned already, would have preferred a solid color over the top. But that RGA is fantastic, and...
  5. Zerox8610

    "Intervals" (Aaron Marshall stands alone)

    Right there with ya. In Time is by far my favorite release from Aaron. I definitely like this new album, but it just feels a little too Polyphia-ish for me without the classic Aaron. Part of this could just be his switch from the down-tuning that we've grown accustomed to, to E standard, but who...
  6. Zerox8610

    New Washburn Guitars for November

    I see where you're coming from, and I typically don't touch signatures for that very reason (built to their preferences, not mine), but Washburn has basically sunk all of their money into Ola's MANY signatures this year in hopes to revitalize the company.. They're cool looking guitars, but I...
  7. Zerox8610

    New Washburn Guitars for November

    I love these new Ola signatures, but PLEASE stop with the signature inlays. That's the only thing preventing me from dropping money on a current Washburn. Take a look at Schecter's KM7 if you need an example of a signature done right. As others have been shouting at Washburn for YEARS now, I...
  8. Zerox8610

    New RG770DX reissue. RG 3770DX

    Oh my god... It's finally happening! I let one of the reissues in blue go a while back, and have regretted it almost every day of my life... I NEED this in my life.
  9. Zerox8610

    NGD: MIJ Ibby Rescue/Refinish/Mod Content

    Oh man! I think I was the one who did that horrible green paint job! :D I had no idea what I was doing, so I sold it off to people I thought would be able to take care of it. Not sure what happened to the neck there... I left mine completely untouched other than the added locking tuners. Looks...
  10. Zerox8610

    /FT POD HD Desktop

    Bump :)
  11. Zerox8610

    /FT POD HD Desktop

    Bump bump bump. Throw offers at me; price isn't set in stone, so OBO are welcome.
  12. Zerox8610

    /FT POD HD Desktop

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: POD HD Desktop in excellent condition (no wear that I know of) Modifications (if any): None Accessories (hardshell case etc): power cord Location (City,State or City,Country): Oregon International OK? : No Contact Info (No Phone #s) Message me :)...
  13. Zerox8610

    JamUp Rig

    Excellent! I think I'll end up going for a set of monoprice's 5 inch studio monitors and then rest later. Any opinions on the monoprice set? Should I just go with a set of Rokit 5s instead?
  14. Zerox8610

    JamUp Rig

    Hello guys, I just picked up bias and jam up, and I am looking to get a decent setup for the pair, but without much volume for now. Eventually I'd like a PA setup, but for now I was thinking of something like the Orange PPC108 matched with the apogee jam 96k. Questions I have.. Ppc108...
  15. Zerox8610

    Chelsea Grin Megathread

    Love the new album. Jason kicks ass again!
  16. Zerox8610

    Schecter KM-7 (Keith Merrow) Signature Thread

    That is my absolute worst fear with these set necks... I'd prefer neck through or bolt on over set necks honestly.. Luckily my Trans Black is still in one piece. Hope you get everything taken care of, dude!
  17. Zerox8610

    Ibanez RG721RW-CNF or Jackson DK2M

    MIJ versus MII MIJ always wins
  18. Zerox8610

    NGD: Betcha' haven't seen this one before: the KM-7!!

    Honestly I'm used to 17" from Ibanez, but I don't notice the 12" to 16" on my KM7. And yes OP, I was pleasantly surprised by the pickups :) The Nazgul and Sentient combo is my favorite 7 string set so far.
  19. Zerox8610

    How do Lefties Find their Guitars?

    I've bought most guitars without ever playing them and I'm a right handed player. Look up reviews for the guitar (right handed version included) and see what looks/sounds the best. The internet is a powerful tool if you know how to use it.
  20. Zerox8610

    Ibanez RG350M

    Looking to sell this again now. The guitar hasn't been touched in months and just sits in a case now. Like I've stated previously, the guitar is complete with all the parts and I could be bothered to ship with a beat up HSC if the buyer is interested. $200 shipped. :)