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  1. Behaving_badly

    Are you prepared for the Electro-Metal onslaught?

    The sound is really good imo. Solid song, I like pretty much all of it besides a few vocal parts (but I typically don't like vocals so take that with a grain of salt) and the electronic parts are neato you're bands...uh... fashion, is a little peculiar, but hey to each his own EDIT: Also, was...
  2. Behaving_badly

    Fred Durst to star in sitcom called DOUCHEBAG

    I read the title and thought it was a biopic series....
  3. Behaving_badly

    Dark, gloomy music

    It's not very jazzy or ambient but have you listened to any Earth? Essential Drone music, this one is off their newest album
  4. Behaving_badly

    Mastodon Megathread

    the song is a little too calm for my taste, the video however is freaking gold. Gotta love them Mastodon music videos
  5. Behaving_badly

    Funny "fail" videos

    has this really not been posted yet? I'm sure you guys have seen it anyways....
  6. Behaving_badly

    Tips for buying a Jazz Guitar?

    haha, but really that is a lot of good info for me to consider. As a college student that is a fairly high price but buying used could be a possibility. And thanks for the Lorne Lofsky name drop, listening to some of his stuff now and it seems pretty good
  7. Behaving_badly

    Tips for buying a Jazz Guitar?

    Yeah, i love my explorer to death but the biggest problem is that it is SO hard to carry to and from class too, the case is quite cumbersome. But you're right about a pickup switch could make it a nice jazz guitar. I can get pretty good tones out of it already but issues like the shape and...
  8. Behaving_badly

    Buying guitars online. Should I do it?

    Very cool guys thanks. some basic things I'm picking up is that I should check out reviews and get as informed as possible before buying. I'm checking out videos and stuff online, I know the Steinberger is going to need a pickup change, so now my big choice is going to be deciding which to...
  9. Behaving_badly

    Buying guitars online. Should I do it?

    damn thanks man, can I PM you some specific questions when I actually get around to finding and buying a guitar?
  10. Behaving_badly

    Buying guitars online. Should I do it?

    So I've been really thinking about buying a new guitar soon (I've got a lovely thread going on here ) but I've always done my shopping at an actual store and just used magazines like Sweetwater and Musicians friend as a sort of Playboy-esque "ohh look at that nice guitar" source. Now I'm...
  11. Behaving_badly

    Disney Star admits to being a fan of metal

    "Lovato confirmed reports that her treatment was for bulimia and self-injury, and had taken place at the Timberline" Her condition came to a head during the tour because Lovato "was performing concerts on an empty stomach...I was losing my voice from purging. I was self-medicating. I was...
  12. Behaving_badly

    Indian metal= fucking heavy metal!

    or maybe this or India and metal is a surprisingly good combination either way
  13. Behaving_badly

    New Cynic EP in November 2011!!!!!

    It's coming out two days before my birthday, hell freaking yeah Sean Malone on bass? Hell freakin yeah a good day has just gotten significantly better
  14. Behaving_badly

    Mastodon: Spectrelight

    Yessssssss, so ready for some new freaking Mastodon
  15. Behaving_badly

    Holdsworthian legato licks?

    Finger strength is a massive part of getting Holdsworth's legato, I like to sit and watch a movie and just do simple trill exercises with each finger for a few minutes each, slowly increasing the time for each finger. Then try out some of his licks and the technique is a little easier each time.
  16. Behaving_badly

    This KID is a jazz wizard

    He's way better than that 9 year old blues player thats for sure
  17. Behaving_badly

    Tips for buying a Jazz Guitar?

    these are all really nice guitars and I will look into them but I was also wondering what I should look at when I'm at a store trying some out I have a feeling its different than looking for a rock/metal guitar and I haven't even gone guitar shopping in a while
  18. Behaving_badly

    Quantum Physics/Mechanics/Theory

    BACK TO THE QUANTUM DISCUSSION (haha) I don't know much about it but I've listened to a bit of Robert anton wilson's talks about it and it is really amazing. I talked with a drunk college student studying quantum theory also but it was slightly less amazing.....
  19. Behaving_badly

    Tips for buying a Jazz Guitar?

    oh man that guitar is sexy