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  1. trebal

    NOGDs... Blackwater PRS...

  2. trebal

    NGD: Skervesen Raptor 6 au Naturale... in Nature

    Very top! Congrats!
  3. trebal

    NGD: MIJ Jackson Soloist in Trans Pink!

    Congrats man! Awesome!
  4. trebal

    Schecter KM-7 (Keith Merrow) Signature Thread

    +1 I also recommend changing all the electronics (pot and toggle)
  5. trebal

    NGD: Kiesel CT7

    Absolutely awesome!! What envy! :)
  6. trebal

    Superior drummer vs DrumForge

    Perfect description!
  7. trebal

    Skervesen Raptor (Koa) Build Thread

    Great finish!! I love this :)
  8. trebal

    NGD! Ibanez UV777BK

    Congrats and Enjoy!!
  9. trebal

    Schecter KM-7 (Keith Merrow) Signature Thread

    I recomend you the mk2, because I have the mk1 and I have some problems with the tunning. You have problems with the tunning? I'm thinking change the tuners.
  10. trebal

    New headphones

    Audio Technica M40X!!
  11. trebal

    EVH 5150 lll 50 watt vs Single Recto

    Of course EVH!!
  12. trebal

    How are Seymour Duncan JBs for drop tunings?

    Depends of the style that search you, but the JB haven`t problems for frop tunnigs.
  13. trebal

    Help identifying this guitar (Jackson?)

    Is a Jackson Custom Shop
  14. trebal

    New STK build

    The neck is awesome! I'm waiting news progress :)
  15. trebal

    Jackson USA NGD! Juggernaut content

    Enjoy man! Is awesome!
  16. trebal

    NGD - Kiesel Vader Blue Caliburst

    Awesome top and finish! Congratulations!
  17. trebal

    NGD - Mayones Duvell QATSI 7

    Awesome man! This Duvell is love :)
  18. trebal

    Birthday NGD Part 1 of 3

    Awesome finish!!