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  1. avinu

    The Carvin / Kiesel thread

    Yeah that's what it seemed like in pictures to me. I could handle the rgd but just not preferable. If the Osiris is even slightly more ergonomical I could probably deal with it.
  2. avinu

    The Carvin / Kiesel thread

    It's been a while since I've played it but I remember being conscious of it digging into my forearm while playing, to the point where it was distracting. So just the sharp corner really. Honestly I dont see how anyone plays on arch tops or anything with super beveled edges. Eh probably just my...
  3. avinu

    The Carvin / Kiesel thread

    Damnit, I don't think they'll have the exact spec I'm wanting in stock (O8X). Although, I'm assuming the 10 day return policy applies to anything that's not optioned out like crazy? I'm wanting to go pretty basic on everything besides the Fishmans. Either way I'm having second thoughts now...
  4. avinu

    The Carvin / Kiesel thread

    Hey quick question on the Osiris. Has the arm bevel been a deal breaker for anyone after getting it? My old RGD was pushing it for me ergonomically so I'm worried I'll hate the bevel on the Osiris. Is it super pronounced or more subtle?
  5. avinu

    Tablature Critiquing Thread

    Necro bump. Love the thread idea. I will try and submit some gp files soon. In serious need of critiques and advice.
  6. avinu

    Composition critiques?

    Mods can you delete this thread? Found another one that already covers this topic.
  7. avinu

    Composition critiques?

    Not sure if there’s a thread for this already but I figured making one would help people in the pursuit of getting better at writing songs and possibly get a better grasp of music theory and its applications in the process. I feel that I’ve hit a wall as a result of having a minimal grasp on...
  8. avinu

    EBMM/SBMM 2018

    Crossing my fingers for tomorrow. I hope the JP8 finally becomes a reality.
  9. avinu

    What are you listening to?

    Arch Echo is pretty freakin sweet.
  10. avinu

    Why are you mad right now?

    I hate trying to find a vocalist. It's way too fvcking hard. You would think the internet would make things easier...huff.
  11. avinu

    Bend notes bug the whole audio of Guitar Pro 6!!

    Are you up to date with the latest software update? That might do the trick.
  12. avinu

    Ernie Ball 2017 New Models

  13. avinu

    What is your approach when tackling song orders?

    Thanks for the insight. I guess starting off with two of the "stronger" tracks would hopefully peak the listener's interest enough to keep going until you sprinkled in another "stand out" track or two.
  14. avinu

    Animals As Leaders MEGATHREAD

    I guess this whole album is just over my head. The last track was the only one that seemed like a coherent piece of music to me.
  15. avinu

    What is your approach when tackling song orders?

    Hello all. I hope I'm not creating a duplicate thread here. So I'll be taking my first stab at constructing an album in the distant future and one thinh I'm dreading the most is trying to sort out the order of the songs. This aspect of the process seems vague to me but also very important. I...
  16. avinu

    Animals As Leaders MEGATHREAD

    Nice step up from the previous track. Gives me hope this album wont disappoint.
  17. avinu

    I'd love to hear some opinions on my solo project

    Is this black metal? I think I like black metal now lol. This .... is sick brah.
  18. avinu

    Animals As Leaders MEGATHREAD

    Quite a few of the transitions seemed forced and sloppy. One of my least favorite AAL tracks to date. Still dig the overall vibe though.
  19. avinu

    Why Are You Scared Right Now?

    I randomly started hearing false harmonics in my right ear today. It's only in certain note ranges but holy hell it sounds horrible. This junk is seriously with my ability to decipher notes. Hopefully it's just fluid buildup or something and isn't permanent. I don't know if I could keep...
  20. avinu

    The HAARP Machine is Back...

    Holy christ man chill out. :0